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Politicians prefer workers to be employed for long periods of time.
And the hunting behavior they employed so long ago has become one of the predominant occupations of the animal kingdom.
The problem, and the tragedy, was that proven therapies were not also employed from the start.
It is employed today to combat phobias, control bad habits and enhance performance.
The craft employed a largely autonomous navigational system to get to these objects.
Many of those once employed as semi-skilled workers are now fighting for low-wage jobs.
But the teaching methods employed are radically different.
Yet the peculiar metaphors employed by reviewers years back often added little if anything to the audience's understanding.
The hydrogen bomb differs from its predecessor primarily in the type of energy employed to detonate the weapon.
Preventive measures to mitigate human-predator conflict are now commonly employed by ranchers.
Lawyers for both sides employed charts and electronic presentations to make their case, as the judge requested.
Today, almost one in three employed workers is in the public sector.
But the murderous tactic is rarely employed by low-ranking females in societies with a strongly dominant individual.
Yet they seem almost powerless to spot or intercept the small inflatable skiffs employed by pirates to sneak up on their victims.
The industries surrounding agriculture and trade kept the city's finances as stable as possible, and employed thousands of people.
Strayer and his group employed only hands-free phones for testing.
Those still employed find the buying power of their salaries cut almost in half.
Their style reminds me of the standing poles employed in some ritual dances, with colored ribbons being woven around.
Powerful searchlights were employed to illuminate the baseball field.
Better to share jobs than to have some fully employed and some permanently on the dole.
Tasers are also employed in all kinds of situations in which an officer would never even consider pulling out his weapon.
The team employed computer simulations to explore the adhesion between a blood-borne cell and a surface akin to a vessel wall.
It's where are you are employed at the time the article is published that matters to you, generally.
There are gobs of librarians with second master's degrees employed even in public libraries.
She suspects that other preservation measures were also employed but is awaiting lab results before commenting further.
Thankfully you are not yet employed as any kind of ship designer.
Many instructors employed in higher education, both public and private, hold only bachelor's degrees.
In addition, these same students will be more likely to pay back their students loans because they are employed.
The researchers employed a cow with a surgically placed tube, called a fistula, which allowed them direct access to the rumen.
Furthermore, if no-till farming is employed the fuel used to produce corn could be much less.
The argument is that lower labor costs will create more jobs and more people will be employed and everybody will be better off.
Unfortunately, such tactics are also employed for malicious purposes.
The latter effect is intentionally employed with sound waves in noise-canceling headphones.
Microwave radiation is absorbed in the biological tissue, which is employed in a microwave oven for heating food.
In each case, she noted that modern tools and abrasives had been employed.
The railroad-construction company that employed him, which had thought him a model foreman, refused to take him back.
Though the gallery owners were themselves hurting, many were handing out money and art supplies to keep the artists employed.
He logged long hours in the library, considering the various designs employed by the press over its hundred-year history.
They are always busily employed in getting to the bottom of something.
Reality exists, and science is the best tool yet employed to discover and describe that reality.
When it comes to radiation and airborne radioactive isotopes, older people should be employed.
It would seem those new neurons would eventually be employed somehow in within the brain s neural networks.
Then, it uses the resultant steam to turn the same low-temperature turbines as those employed in nuclear reactors.
Many of the best scientists in the country are employed as rocket scientists.
But the detection methods employed in this effort tend to find planets that are quite large and hot.
The simple protocol employed asked five year old children to choose as a friend.
The logic that is employed in many of the articles is also often nonsense.
There is so much money to be made in green energy that some will stoop to anything to create a crisis to keep them employed.
Alliteration, puns and further word-play were other devices employed to the same end.
They employed a sort of writing that has been deciphered, and their language is now known.
Our observation may be employed either about external sensible objects, or about the internal operations of our minds.
When she has not employed such measures consciously, she has done so instinctively.
Formerly, science was taught by the textbook method, while now the laboratory method is employed.
Almost all the processes employed in the arts and manufactures fall within the range either of physics or of chemistry.
The interrogatory is frequently employed by the orator, and when wisely used is irresistible.
He lived retired in the country, where he employed his time in his devotions, and in reading good books.
It should be to train workers in a skill that will suit them and get them employed.
In both cases, they were already employed in full time positions.
If a strong program produces graduates who cannot become employed, there is no particular reason why it should continue.
There are a lot of part-timers, but people tend to be present for whatever number of hours they are employed.
If you can stomach it, you make good bank and you're practically self-employed for what it's worth.
It employed a heart-shaped pump that was implanted into the patient.
Both were employed by individual crooks as well as big state militaries.
The self-employed are supposed to be the backbone of the economy.
The law did not mention aides employed by third parties.
Most mentors were employed as subcontractors to large defense companies, positions that do not require public disclosure.
They have employed receivers in the secondary, and their corners and safeties can be interchangeable.
The lessons learned and the techniques employed have led to a number of promising vaccines.
Most importantly in my opinion, were the on staff vets that were employed.
Civility can then be employed for actual persuasion.
If they want to talk about their work, they probably should not be employed by the government.
Similar tactics are employed by those who argue against evolution.
The museum did not condemn the tests, as many people were employed.
The noise reduction technology is probably employed in some of the new models.
Such easy-and environmentally benign-pickings have mostly been taken, and harsher practises are now employed.
But the heavy-duty diesels employed in ships still have a long way to go.
But skills gaps-employed workers who lack the wherewithal to do their jobs properly-are prevalent.
And there is also a risk of excluding creditworthy borrowers, particularly first-time buyers and the self-employed.
Tandem cells, commonly employed in conventional solar panels, increase power output in two ways.
Every other country in the world has trade protections to keep their own people employed.
Those online ads employed an ingenious variant on location-based targeting.
The children are sometimes employed by drug dealers or become addicted themselves.
There was always a wage at which all these horses could have remained employed.
He is out of prison, properly medicated and gainfully employed.
Basically, be happy you are employed and don't rock-the boat.
The important thing is how many people are employed.
Foreign aid has long been employed as a political tool, with varying levels of success.
For this album you employed an advertising agency and allowed focus groups to participate in the song-selection process.
Various strategies of intimidation are employed anew.
Whether you are an employer or self-employed, you are responsible for paying federal, state and local taxes.
Whether you own a large or small business or are self-employed, there are new coverage options for you and your employees.
All self-employed workers are excluded, both those with incorporated businesses as well as those with unincorporated businesses.

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