emphatically in a sentence

Example sentences for emphatically

He and his allies emphatically say yes.
They were emphatically sceptical.
I'll agree with that most emphatically.
The mood in London was emphatically upbeat.
We cannot say this emphatically enough.
This is emphatically not autobiographical poetry.
The two men smile, and shake their heads emphatically.
She then emphatically insisted that she was only joking.
The thirteenth century is, emphatically, the golden age of the monastic historians.
The whole mode of thinking of which the book was the expression, was emphatically hers.
Their problem is that no-one views them as such while they emphatically support one of the sides.
Finally, although some might characterize an offshore balancing strategy as isolationist, it emphatically is not.
Nearly all the projects, whatever their size, have a way of presenting clever solutions emphatically.
Asked whether faith was fueling the boom, he shook his head emphatically.
Warnings are used to emphatically point out something.
If you've ever tried to put a hat on a sun lover, you know how emphatically they resent the gesture.
We have already emphatically denied those allegations.

Famous quotes containing the word emphatically

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