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Also, and I can't emphasize this enough, it is never too early to start networking.
The movies tend to emphasize action, and lots of it.
This year, two major Oscar contenders again emphasize the horrors .
Many recipes call for butter and cream, but just as many emphasize vegetables.
Spanish documents from the 16th century emphasize steel swords as a favored military weapon.
Both emphasize fresh, local ingredients and hand-butchered meats.
We emphasize on teamwork and a mature playstyle.
Commercials for these devices tend to emphasize their most benign aspects.
It is true that in repeating a statement in order to emphasize it he may have need to vary its form.
He is right to emphasize the fright factor over accuracy.
Emphasize that these are all scenarios in which someone enters their personal space, or territory.
Emphasize that this is how scientists and volunteers actually clean oiled birds.
Emphasize the functions of the adaptations, not how well the drawings are made.
Sometimes, putting the horizon down low to emphasize a dramatic sky is preferable.
We need to emphasize that finance has no independent value whatever.
First, it doesn't sufficiently emphasize urgency of getting this type of technology in service.
Rather, doctors should emphasize that each patient's situation is unique.
The team hasten to emphasize the safety procedures that must be used during such an experiment.
The authors emphasize different aspects of the epidemic of mental illness.
Emphasize gentle camera moves, slow dissolves, and still camera shots.
We can't emphasize enough that you shouldn't be alarmed at the wetness of the dough.
But the findings emphasize the need for continued vigilance.
But they also emphasize primary care and preventive care, addressing diseases and problems before they become major.
And they want to emphasize the action in a summer blockbuster.
Don't emphasize that something is a hot new technology, but that it does a specific task the consumer wants done.
Performance evaluations emphasize a zero-defect mentality, meaning that risk-avoidance trickles down the chain of command.
One may emphasize taking intellectual risks, while the other may insist on following the teacher's guidelines.
Literal detail would have faded from time, as the story was perpetually boiled down and re-brewed to emphasize its essence.
Or it can present itself as smart and sleazy, and emphasize the times it made money at the expense of its clients.
Today, savings rates are climbing and smart advertisers emphasize small-town restraint and respectability.
State officials emphasize a collaborative approach with industry leaders to address the problem.
Emphasize the mutual benefits rather than pointing out the weaknesses when dealing with others.
Remember to emphasize your teaching experience and try to relate it to the job description.
In your cover letter, you should emphasize the parts of your work experience that are relevant to the position.
Accrediting bodies and professional organizations still emphasize volume counts.
The test prep courses do provide the structure for you to go over basic information, but they also emphasize test-taking strategy.
The languages lobby needs proponents, not detractors, who will help to emphasize the value of languages.
They seem to emphasize selected areas in the sciences and engineering.
It is important to emphasize that this is not a new development.
Though many emphasize content issues, that is only part of the story.
Other students may value and benefit more from environments that emphasize group work and collaborative learning.
Sometimes he also placed the single snack next to the two others, to emphasize the bounty that patience offered.
He knew that the press coverage would emphasize setbacks and discord over progress.
He paused, searching for a way to emphasize why they matter so much.
Resumes that emphasize different skills and that seek different career paths will increase your success rate.
Emphasize to media professionals that the primary concern of overweight and obesity is one of health rather than appearance.
Emphasize environmental awareness and preservation of heritage and culture as key parts of the program.

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