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There are numerous shortcuts and tricks that a clever programmer can exploit to give the impression of empathy and understanding.
His utter lack of empathy and understanding-- on any level-- prevents him from forming health relationships.
Humans are not the only species capable of empathy.
Maybe my lack of empathy has something to do with that.
As a doctor, you have to be a people person and have empathy.
Respect requires trust, equality and empathy.
There is an obvious limit to empathy in everyone, and some have more .
We all felt strong empathy for her.
Reactions to the video have varied from outrage to empathy.
His combination of wisdom and empathy came to light on that dark day.
Thanks so much for all the empathy and advice.
Even showing some empathy for your boss, as difficult as that may be, can work sometimes.
Respond to a question that sounds hostile in a way that conveys empathy with the interviewer's concern.
Critical thinking is sterile without the capacity for empathy and comprehension that stretches the self.
But a little empathy for the position applicants are in is also in order.
Empathy for the civilians did not fit into the narrative of shock and awe.
With a confident empathy, the twenty-five-year-old author moves among a dozen residents and guests at the place.
In those early moments of interest and empathy, the masterpiece is born.
Somehow that feeling made me want to follow through on misdirections of intimacy, misdirections of empathy.
And to curb my usual exaggerated and unjustifiable optimism and empathy.
Past work has demonstrated that, similar to behavioral mimicry, contagious yawners tend to be higher in dispositional empathy.
Social psychologists have investigated the phenomenon, which seems to be a peculiar exception to human empathy.
But empathy is a complex process, based in part on fleeting facial expressions.
They even say sorry when they re not at fault, as a way of expressing empathy.
The intuition and empathy this required drove our brain development.
Shock, immediate empathy for the victims, and outrage.
We become attached and have real or misplaced empathy.
Population out of control is the primary driver of climate change, loss of biodiversity and loss of empathy within our species.
True altruism and empathy are based on rational thinking, not emotion.
Humans are notable among other animals for our vast capacity for cooperation and empathy.
The decision to use or not use did come down to empathy sometimes.
The less anthropomorphized an object, the less empathy.
Above all, she developed a strong capacity for empathy.
To conclude that genes create tendencies in our behavior is not to deny the virtues of cooperation, empathy, and morality.
The relentlessly haughty, sarcastic tone suggests an almost sociopathic inability to feel empathy.
By making himself available to almost any reporter at any hour, he found that he had sown some useful empathy.
But this shouldn't be merely an exercise in empathy.
It is a page-turning if horrifying read and a triumph of thorough, fair-minded reporting and of empathy.
It has no empathy, refuses to accept responsibility for its actions and feels no remorse.
More typically, these well-to-do writers seem to struggle for empathy with their wretched subjects.
Seeking to understand more than one viewpoint is empathy, not moral equivalence.
In place of vision and placating empathy, he seems to offer only droning iterations.
It will grow their sympathy and empathy to other people.
In the process, they become more distant from ordinary people, losing whatever empathy they may once have had.
What he was really talking about is empathy for people who are struggling to make ends meet.
And consideration of empathy quickly led him to explore the conditions for morality.
He was also sentimental, feeling empathy for the rural poor and tolerating his critics almost paternalistically.
Prayers are expressions of empathy that strengthen a caring community and bring comfort to those who are suffering.
It takes guts to risk our antipathy, to invite us in with brilliant technique rather than bids for empathy.
Instead, people seem to have deep instincts for fairness, empathy and attachment.
Gift giving is, among other things, an exercise in empathy.
But there's still quite a lot of maturation going on in the part of the brain that involves empathy during that period.

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