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People have long brought home emotions they can't express at work.
What you smell may influence emotions in your dreams, according to a new study.
He recalls that his emotions raced from awe to panic.
It has the ability to trigger memories and emotions unlike any other stimuli affecting our senses.
The reason, scientists say, has to do with how emotions and feelings are processed in the brain.
Music's ability to trigger powerful emotions is well known anecdotally, of course.
Emotions are incredibly important psychological phenomena.
But the fact that the show draws you in so deeply simply proves its point: our emotions frequently get the best of us.
Emotions move us toward things and ideas that produce pleasure and away from things and ideas that produce pain.
People who call themselves scholars need to tell the truth about the emotions swirling through the halls of higher education.
But the subject arouses strong emotions in other countries.
Scientists generally resist the temptation to project human emotions on animals.
Toys that are secretly alive, with emotions and desires and fears.
It is also difficult to measure and harder to bring into the open than many other emotions that researchers study with ease.
Emotions are running high on both sides of the debate.
My emotions are logged along with some of the details of the day.
Being able to name her emotions helped us understand what she was feeling and helped her name her emotions.
Scientists find a strange connection between physical pain and positive emotions.
Areas involved in abstract reasoning and those that process emotions light up.
He focused on the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped area in the middle of the brain known to help process emotions.
They will consider how a flag represents a country's people and resources and why a flag can evoke emotions.
They each have strong personalities, and they constantly convey emotions.
Part of the answer lies in people's mixed emotions about management.
These symbols make a statement and evoke potent emotions.
According to this view, those who do not explore their emotions will suffer the consequences later.
Though they may relish their return to the world of fresh food and hot showers, leaving brings up mixed emotions.
Fear didn't make an appearance in the list of emotions.
She performed this act several times, until the pain offered her some relief from her emotions.
But it will surely be easier to inflame emotions than to soothe them.
Insofar as our emotions are manifested as condensation on our skin, perhaps there is some common ground between the two camps.
The emotions roused by the fight for the chocolate-maker go far beyond the business specifics, however.
He says meditation can teach people how to become more aware of their minds and their emotions.
Mirror neurons reflect not only other people's actions but their intentions and emotions as well.
Playing on the fears and emotions of the underserved is downright criminal.
Their pieces, engaging and entertaining all, express the whole range of emotions that learning any new language entails.
Maybe he wanted to check his feelings and perceptions against someone else who might be experiencing the same emotions.
Part of the reason is that it is closely tied to our emotions.
Other products have also succeeded in touching the emotions.
Discoveries of human ancestors evoke a mixture of emotions including humility, excitement and curiosity.
They ignore what they hearts and powerful emotions tell them, and make themselves do things which don't feel right and don't fit.
Nothing is to be left up to the senses, to the emotions.
But she was also the plaything of powerful emotions.
Each species displays distinct color patterns to indicate specific reactions or emotions.
Reasoning and emotions were supposed to be unique to us, as was personality.
His ability to set aside his own emotions remains to be demonstrated.
She remembers world events and trips to the grocery store, the weather and her emotions.
They have an inability to control their emotions or to behave rationally.
Images of food riots and hungry people stir deep emotions.
Our closing ceremonies were filled with mixed emotions.
Strong emotions and vulnerability can motivate us to express our ideas.
Much talk and emotions but no result, besides winning elections.
He quickly became fascinated with capturing people's emotions and personalities.
All the funds and emotions raised for that fight have to be put to some kind of use.
Emotions are a powerful thing and everyone's expression of them is different.
It's probably not surprising that mothers excel at recognizing and interpreting the moods and emotions of their infants.
And they know that the parasite settles in the rat's amygdala, the part of the brain that processes fear and emotions.
Capote reported the story truthfully, but also embellished it by creating atmosphere and speculating on characters' emotions.
Nonetheless, it retains a grip on our imaginations and emotions quite unlike any other ancient site.
Well, first of all, bringing one's own emotions and feeling into the discussion.
They are used at festivals, funerals and celebrations to lift the emotions of people.
From the outset, her emotions ran high-perhaps impossibly high.
There are well-known words and obscure words about life in the country and in the city, words about games and emotions.
Some expressed mixed emotions about her effectiveness as their representative.
Art is important she said, but it ultimately operates through the filter of human perceptions and emotions.
But the technology also opens the door for nastiness, especially during this season of supersonic emotions.
The two emotions, loneliness and boredom, are closely allied.
They had a first officer who was an alien devoid of all emotions, and built along lines completely alien to human physiology.
As for that headline, the range of emotions it provoked have clearly set off a conversation.
We see each other about once a month and don't keep in touch much in between so it doesn't require tons of time or heavy emotions.
Those of us who are sympathetic to animal issues find it wretched to consider that our dinner might have had emotions.
Musical training sharpens the ability to sense emotions.
Part of understanding our emotions is experiencing them.
It is involved with high-level processing of our perceptions, thoughts, emotions and actions.
The bulky elephant, which signifies our emotions, makes the first decisive moves along a moral trajectory.
New research suggests that a healthy mind deftly flips between these techniques when facing unpleasant emotions.
The turns of phrase conjure different emotions, but these two writers were describing the same disorder: depression.
To build a convincing scene, improvisers tune their eyes and ears to the thoughts and emotions of the other performers.
In my experience physical pain leads to numbing emotions, not to dealing with them.
People with sharper senses of smell really have a nose for relating to others' emotions, new research suggests.
Use topics in stories as starting points for conversations about such intangibles as sharing, friendships, and emotions.
We react to rain with a gamut of emotions, from the sullen dread of rain-drenched commuters to the wondrous joy of children.
They reflect the full range of emotions, made more vibrant and poignant through the prism of warfare.
All those self-destructive beliefs, suppressed traumatic events, denied emotions.
Normally, you tell yourself it is work and leave the emotions at the door.
Loved to capture human emotions, their life sketch, and their surroundings.
Her music teaches how to make pain more elegant, but she teaches how to be true to yourself and respect your emotions.
The layers of cloth not only protect from the harsh sun and wind but also conceal their emotions.
My goal with this series is to explore that intersection of human emotions.
Because dogs pick up on our emotions, it's important to keep yours in check when dealing with your pooch.
That's because we're playing every night with genuine, heartfelt emotions and truly honoring these songs.
Depressed patients pick out sad faces easily, psychologists report, but have trouble with happiness or more subtle emotions.
Allow emotions to come through in your actions and your speech.
For all the emotions that cars can stir up, you'd think there would be more heartwarming moments in the auto industry.
We are either glad or sorry at a gift, and both emotions are unbecoming.
We are struck by the varied power which he exhibits, and the diverse emotions which he touches, in such narrow dramatic limits.
He conjured up images or images presented themselves to his mind, and he acted in accordance with the emotions they aroused.
Eliciting basic emotions with film isn't that tough.
Frequently, rather than experience his hostile emotions and respond to the real challenge, he will alter his mental processes.
And then something in the conversation turned dramatically, and their emotions and their shoulders sagged.
Basic emotions, such as fear, are regulated in part of the brain called the limbic system.
The story of the bronzes is fairly simple, although the emotions engendered are not.
The empathy group was told to understand what the seller was feeling and what emotions he might be experiencing.
Considerable attention will be paid to discoveries about how people form their emotions, tastes and beliefs.
Our world is not rational one, but one charged with emotions, bias and first impressions.
He is studious and tweedy and not given to showing his emotions.
What may repel us in our emotions can take hold in our intellects.
The picture moves on a steady, powerful flow of ideas and emotions, and it stirs in us a sense of discovery.
We regularly ignore the fact that the thirst for vengeance is among the strongest of human emotions.
She conveys emotions through dynamics and absorption with the narrative.
She goes about her daily tasks efficiently, but saves her emotions for her nighttime reading.
The outsize emotions are still there, but now they're delivered in a more compressed, catchier form.
Gradually, meanings emerge and emotions crystallize.
He tries to avoid getting caught up in the bitter emotions his cases arouse.
The job of a greeting-card writer is to articulate emotions for people.
It allowed for big dramas and big emotions on a giant stage.
The emotions evoked are those of the characters, as guided by script and direction.
By including such words, even a short poem can invoke a range of emotions without resorting to explication.
Your memories from your early childhood seem to have such purchase on your emotions.
It is fine to find a way to exit, but not by playing on the emotions of a population that is under such tight control.
Yes, there have been attempts to develop synthetic emotions for machines, but that's all artifice.
The device could also help children learn to recognize their own emotions.
In other words, as you move down-spectrum, emotions emerge.
Using dreams and emotions to tie you up in knots to tear your soul out with sound.
And that is why witness testimony is so unreliable and subject to the emotions and other input while the memory is being created.
Emotions are a necessary low-level prerequisite of consciousness.
Advances in the psychic and related sciences may bring means of exploring beliefs, thoughts and emotions.
She has strong emotions that, she believes, are usually better concealed.
Acting was a strange choice of profession for someone so dead-set on hooding his emotions.
Half of you is projecting your own emotions and feelings onto him.
They could be really complex characters that have wild emotions.
Culturally, they're more about keeping their emotions inside.
Perhaps it does, or can, in matters of the emotions.
They'll come out with no emotions and great manners.
His polite tone contradicts the palpable emotions churning underneath.
If stress and other negative emotions could trigger illness, he reasoned, positive emotions might restore health.
It turns off the lights so that the flow of ideas, emotions and memories from one room to the next slows and eventually ceases.
Few parenting topics inflame emotions the way spanking does.
Then there's the challenge any movie faces of putting thoughts into words, emotions into gestures, descriptions into actions.
Meanwhile, the parents tried to control their flyaway emotions.
Use your abilities to navigate any tricky terrain, and let any emotions out for freedom.
She has been buffeted all week by the emotions of going public with her divorce.
Thanks to our sweat, anxiety-and maybe also other emotions-can be chemically transferred between people.
To endow animals with human emotions has long been a scientific taboo.
Whether faces can express any more than these seven emotions is a matter of some debate.
Fear may not be one of the more pleasurable emotions, but it is an effective survival tool.
Positive emotions are governed by the prefrontal cortex's left side, negative by the right side.
The whole goal of therapies in autism is to train autistic children to be aware of the emotions of others.
People, especially children, project personalities and emotions on to rudimentary robots.
But the ugly image-of politicians vying to take advantage of the emotions raised by the movie-stuck.
While you might think the inmate would be obviously somber or depressed, those emotions don't really come across.
No other writer can recreate emotions and experience with such precision and economy.
The blues, a form of music that seems as ancient as the emotions it conveys, is actually less than a hundred years old.
Only real human beings can have those emotions or suffer those insults.
The scene of the poem-a landscape-is painted with a serenity that acts as a counterpoise to the emotions of loss.
But both are alike as safety valves for venting pent-up emotions enflamed by societies in frightening flux.
He had a way of letting other people display their emotions while keeping control of his own.

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