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Under the mental tasks he imposed upon her, her health became impaired and she was overstimulated intellectually and emotionally.
It makes for fascinating watching picking apart the relationships, but it makes it difficult to emotionally invest in anyone.
The story was also presented emotionally, but was still informative.
Instead he faced a contentious and emotionally charged environment caused by their findings.
Few creatures are as mysterious and captivating as the whale, and few connect with us so emotionally and spiritually.
Take time to intellectually and emotionally embrace the place.
His food supplies were low, and he felt emotionally thin, stressed by loneliness and the inhospitable locale.
Working in such a harsh environment requires much physically as well as mentally and emotionally.
In some ways, she says, the student-affairs job can be more emotionally draining than the presidency.
Emotionally powerful material is particularly liable to emerge in telepathy, as well as repressed thoughts and memories.
Avoid buying property or becoming emotionally entangled with other academics.
If you want to go abroad, go to a place that is challenging intellectually and emotionally.
There are many moments as emotionally harrowing as tenure denial that encourage you to take stock of your life and career.
Again, all of these readings are contiguous and present and valid, informing one another emotionally.
Commit to these goals and emotionally disinvest in other things.
Emotionally, for sure, and perhaps physically as well.
If it doesn't bother you emotionally, then don't pay off any of the student loans.
There are few other career paths that require such an investment of time and so many sacrifices emotionally and financially.
Court can be expensive in other ways, too--emotionally, for example.
It needs a leader temperamentally, intellectually, and emotionally attuned to the complexities of our troubled globe.
Unfortunately, there was almost nothing that was emotionally resonant about it, either.
No one can resist mussels, not even emotionally stunted ex-fiancées and their new poorly-received-novelist boyfriends.
When asked why, he grew sad and dispirited, and said that he was too emotionally caught up in the tragedy.
It is strangely schizophrenic: at once intellectually stimulating and emotionally static.
His work, too, is dazzling and emotionally engaging.
Of course, supporters rally emotionally to the defense of the accused.
He relied on her intellectually, but emotionally he drove her to distraction.
The recovery movement is filled with stories of children who grew up having to take care of emotionally dysfunctional parents.
But to make it believable in the movies it has to be intellectually and emotionally sound.
The holidays have always been an emotionally combustible time for families.
Although attractive and successful, she is emotionally disturbed.
Yawning is more contagious among people who are emotionally close.
The more experience babies have with someone who is going to be emotionally engaged with them, the better off they're going to be.
Chronic pain is more emotionally fraught than short-lived pain.
Psychopaths isolate themselves emotionally from other people, and so don't suffer the consequences of their behavior.
Food addiction can form where one turns to food when they are physically in pain, emotionally distraught or simply bored.
Throw out some highly emotionally charged statement.
Evolution is a strange process indeed, to cobble together organisms who so completely and emotionally reject it.
Rather, these communities are primarily formed of the more emotionally invested individuals particular to the device.
The energies that emotionally fuel behavior are similarly patterned accordingly.
It is experienced physically, emotionally and intellectually.
Humans are too smart, too much emotionally involved in the outcome of the experiment, and too good at cheating.
It's a crude distinction, but an emotionally powerful one.
Haircuts for everyone, although perhaps emotionally satisfying, remain unthinkable.
He was emotionally withdrawn and appeared bereft of any social sensitivity.
All his out of whack, desperate, emotionally disconnectedness and mental issues worked their way out onto the page.
The centre asked respondents whether they were more or less emotionally involved in news about the war.
And yet the emotionally charged, electronically amplified tone of today's mosque sermons still has only limited influence.
The firm's two founders and much of its engineering staff were too emotionally wedded to its past successes to make a break.
Blaming others for one's troubles may be emotionally satisfying, but it is a counsel of despair.
It is also a hugely symbolic and emotionally charged piece of real estate.
Of course this is a hot topic, emotionally, with strong and equally dogmatic positions being taken on both sides.
Scandinavians too are tied emotionally to their old ships.
To seek an opportunity to grow emotionally and intellectually.
Specifically, it looms in the emotionally frigid tunnel of air between the owner's box and the team bench.
If you're going to get your audience emotionally involved, you need a major piece of tension that throws the status quo off.
But those who have waited to start a family only to find themselves locked out of childbearing can be emotionally devastated.
The path back from that darkness, physically and emotionally, was painful and long.
So the typical industry reaction to a defeat such as this is emotionally charged.
He always homed in on what you needed and managed to bring you in emotionally.
Especially considering that our race seems to have made zero evolutionary progress emotionally.
The result is visually stunning and emotionally shattering.
They work with individuals who have mental, physical, developmental or emotionally disabling conditions.
But they're not exactly emotionally invested in the product you bought.
They cut deeper emotionally, building him up and then knocking him down real quick.
It has, and the result is visually stunning, intellectually engaging and emotionally exhausting.
And before long it's likely we'll even become emotionally tied to the increasingly sophisticated electronic devices around us.
She skipped school because she was too emotionally distraught.
She was heralded for her new, terse, emotionally cool style.
It was their professional excellence that did convince her-rationally, not emotionally.
In such emotionally weighted cases the partisans tend to get bogged down in details.
Those infected with it move about somewhat slowly and seem emotionally disengaged.
He transgressed the borderlines of convention but he felt emotionally bound to tradition.
They fail to acknowledge the misery in the world, and live in emotionally gated communities.
It represents me as emotionally and spiritually independent.
Some people with brain injuries to the prefrontal lobe display a peculiar cognitive deficit: they are emotionally unresponsive.
That's not to claim that the switch was easy, or that it left them emotionally unscarred.
They differ from us physically, emotionally and psychologically.
Most people continue to be emotionally responsive to music throughout their lives.
But so far the universe has proven emotionally unavailable.
Look at someone-look into their eyes-and you can't fail to see the intelligent, sentient, emotionally alive creature inside.
Resolving a dispute so complex and emotionally charged as this one requires real dialogue between opposing camps.
People get worked up over controversy, and emotionally invested in topics which cross the threshold of deep emotional commitment.
These charlatans are nothing more than buzzards preying on the emotionally weak.
Emotionally, it is difficult not to have the president declare for some big, bold new space initiative.
The music is pretty timeless and emotionally powerful too.
Neither does a defensive response when someone points out that you may have reacted emotionally rather than rationally.
Frankly humans aren't equipped to really emotionally understand how something that affects them more than a week from now.
It may be what the issuer needs mentally, emotionally, in order to cope.
But emotionally, it was clear that she was on a mission, and she's been on that mission ever since.
Your stories are seemingly simplistic, but emotionally charged.
But she knows that her audience also connects emotionally to the true stories she tells about herself.
His prose had an emotionally rich, poetic quality that impressed her.
She complained that he was distant, uncaring, emotionally abusive.
Everybody in my family who's emotionally healthy has bellowed.
She was dependent on him both emotionally and financially.
There's your changeable, day-to-day mood: whether you're stressed or blue or feeling emotionally sound.

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