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She lays much stress on the subconscious mental life, the domain of vague emotion and rapidly fugitive thought.
These episodes can range from nightmares to mental reenactments of my injury to inexplicable waves of emotion.
We seek candidates with exceptional promise in the social psychology of emotion.
Musical training sharpens the ability to sense emotions.
Human memory is highly influenced by emotion.
The expression of emotion in human speech is a complicated business.
The right side of the brain is home to emotion, creativity, and humor.
The role of emotions in decisions makes perfect sense.
We should set emotion aside and try to take a logical look at the situation.
You were caught up with emotion earlier when you wanted to address your teammates.
This is a time for the release of bottled up emotion.
Sensitive portraits of all three children provide a depth of emotion that supplements the spare, perceptive text.
We now know that emotion, trauma does in fact alter the structure, physiology of the brain.
His fresh sight of this beauty quickens in him an emotion of wonder and of joy which impels him to expression.
Artificial and insipid as the play now seems, its combination of emotion, action and theory was considered a revelation.
Nor does the emotion thus evoked end in vague mystical exaltation.
With the heightening of emotion his style heightens, and as his comedy refines itself his verse becomes subtler.
It is impossible, my countrymen, to speak of peace without profound emotion.
Its proponents believe computers should be designed to recognize, express, and influence emotion in users.
The cerebral cortex deals with sensory information, thinking, emotion and consciousness.
Endowing computers with the ability to recognize and express emotion is the first challenge.
Let's face it guys, you're not exactly a conduit of emotion.
It combines both objective participation and subjective emotion.
Three decades on, a new tolerance for public emotion has strict limits, however.
The memory of this community has been saved from oblivion in a way that is neither flashy, political, nor full of raw emotion.
In the boom years, emotion often trumped good sense.
What strikes the contemporary eye is the depth of emotion and sincerity that the medium seems to allow.
As he spoke, taut with emotion, its supporters were dancing in the street.
He found a group of cells within it that connect directly to the limbic system, the brain's emotion-generating area.
Weather, always part of our daily world, brings with it every emotion from awe to tranquility.
The researchers concluded that sense of smell and emotion come from the same areas of the brain.
The type of emotion, positive or negative, people feel during an event may determine the details they recall.
But survivors push emotion aside and put cognition in charge.
Pleo interacts with you-moving organically, expressing emotion, autonomously exploring and responding to the world around him.
The soldiers were able to allow themselves a level of emotion and introspection that is simply not possible in combat.
Really bad light and really bad position rear-views of the animals-no eyes, no desperate wildebeest emotion.
Watch a bit more, and the hesitant flicks and sags of their antennae seem to convey some kind of emotion.
Other animals may whimper, moan and wail, but none sheds tears of emotion--not even our closest primate cousins.
Fear is an emotion, an unspoken memory, stored in special parts of the brain.
After viewing each face, participants pressed a button to indicate whether the image displayed positive or negative emotion.
There is further confusion in linking the heart with the center of emotion.
Emotion kind of focuses you on a few details but lets you ignore other details.
The note their capacity for emotion, including fear, anxiety and rage.
Holding back tears is itself a means of emotional control: suppression of emotion expression.
Healthy children notice the fearful face faster than any other emotion.
The object of his emotion was a coelacanth, the earliest type of bony fish.
And in the game of national politics, it is unusual for pols to show normal human emotion.
Ontological emotion, however stumbled on, has something authoritative for the individual who feels it.
But he is now able to charge this naive accent with a new complexity of emotion, a malaise.
In advertising, reason informs, but emotion persuades.
Their chemistry, always humorous and magnetic, becomes tempered with real emotion and what may approach understanding.
But the spectrum of emotion on the field runs equally in both directions.
The context within which color unfurls its rainbow of symbolism and emotion is history itself.
However, people who understand emotion may not necessarily use their skills for the benefit of society.
Those versions imitate not only the substance of the original but the form, not only the emotion but the style.
That's why the strongest emotion many people can muster today is relief that the story will finally leave the news cycle.
The wounds were fresh then, so the drama and emotion were both much higher.
They're unaffected by emotion and adrenaline and hunger.
There's nothing wrong with actually being overcome with emotion.
What power the judicial system has for sorting through conflicting claims, even those based on emotion.
Terrorism takes its name not from violence but from the emotion violence provokes.
There was real emotion there to what they were seeing and what was happening.
When it comes to environmental issues, misinformation runs rampant and so does emotion.
She had shown emotion only once, briefly, when he had been halfway out the door.
Each illustration portrays an astonishingly detailed world, a stylistic era, a range of emotion.
He sang the song with such feeling and emotion that when he finished the room was completely dissolved in tears.
He spoke with emotion of his sister and of his family.
But even after two years and numerous retellings, the emotion still sneaks up on him.
Virtually every emotion these days generates studies, popular books, and workshops.
Planning what you might do makes you much more likely to react wisely than with emotion.
Conversations surrounding the use of animals in research are understandably truncated by emotion.
But there's a little more anger every year, an emotion as pointed as a poinsettia but not as pretty.
The article and commentaries are wonderful exercises in emotional restraint in a subject so charged with emotion.
To limit what one teaches out of fear or anger or any other emotion is devaluing education.
The great sin of his age, he said, was that it promoted the senses and emotion over reason and ideas.
Most of this conversation is useless, as it is mostly opinion and emotion, with a few factoids thrown in.
Therefore, in my perspective, student confidence is not an emotion.
Too many people gauge those around them before revealing an emotion.
Examines links between emotion and patterns in story structure.
In retrospect, your appeal to emotion was also shameless.
Fear is another emotion that can be used for self-preservation.
By devising yet another way not to actually have to express real human and direct emotion.
Instead, the panel addressed such questions as the nature of emotion-the individual's tendency to be happy or angry.
These areas included the hippocampus and the amygdala, parts of the brain crucial for memory and emotion.
In the end it will be costly for science and rational thinking to win out over emotion.
There is far too much emotion, and far too little thought going into far too many responses surrounding this debate.
Their perfection is beyond the realm of human struggle and emotion.
Babies imitate, and imitation is a way of taking on an emotion as one's own.
However, the author's emotion is checked by the painful reality of much she has to tell.
Emotion does not tinge his evaluations, but is nevertheless latent behind them.
Much of the movie is shot in close-up, registering every emotion.
Fidel now speaks with emotion and with eloquent gestures.
Feist's voice is gentle but grainy, and full of emotion.
Disgust is the strongest emotion, and punishment is at hand.
The body helplessly confesses itself, and the novelist seems merely to run and catch its spilled emotion.
The stakes were enormous, the emotion was palpable, the scrutiny was intense.
Clint preferred to generate real emotion from real life.
We didn't really see any kind of true outbursts of emotion from people.
And if you articulate the idea of the play, there will be emotion behind it.
So, in a shift of public emotion, they are no longer seen as honored visitors but as vermin and pests.
It's a junk shop of human emotion and behavior, a forum for advanced people-watching.
He had been criticized for being too close to his sources, and he had taught himself to keep surface emotion out of his writing.
She would sit alone among the spectators, betraying no emotion.
He displayed strikingly little emotion about his family during questioning, but did agree to take a polygraph.
The key to this movie for me was the feeling and the emotion.
It took awhile to realize that people were having trouble expressing emotion in their features.
Colin's reserve is that he's constantly doing too much, the stammer's too much, the emotion is too much.
It is the fusion of pity and every other possible human emotion.
Everyone looks so happy, an emotion the artist has cleverly reinforced by adding balloons and doves to the scene.
Clearly the two systems in the brain were at odds, but for the utilitarians, reason overpowered emotion in the neural tug-of-war.
Emotion doesn't play as big of a role in validation.
Modern robots can respond to emotion and the smell of fine wines.
Miswiring leads to disorders of emotion and thought.
And when that emotion comes in the form of gunshots, it makes the news.
In light of the role of the right hemisphere in expressing and interpreting emotion, the notion seems particularly provocative.
In a part of the brain known as the limbic system, which is involved in emotion, there was an increase as well.
Neurologists had long suspected that the right hemisphere was the seat of emotion, personality, and nonliteral language.
Scientists can see this revaluing take place within the brain as emotion-regulating regions change their activity.
They used facts and figures, but they also use humor and emotion, and it's really effective.
Risk management is best done through statistics and failure management, not emotion.
Research already shows that human beings are willing to accept emotions from computers, even if they know that emotion is ersatz.
Some will call this a triumph of rationality over emotion or feeling.
So try taking a step back and letting the emotion out of your sails and actually consider what the other side is saying.
The image will give you an emotion, and the emotion will tell you what's happening.
But the country's policies were actually born from a different emotion, one now in common currency: fear.
In the last century there was a neuroscience of emotion, and today there is a neuroscience of emotion.
We can learn a lot about the science of emotion by studying human conditions wherein emotions are disordered.

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