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Brain cells emit electronic signals in a rhythmic, up-and-down pattern.
Both substances emit beta particles and gamma rays.
Discovering which countries emit which greenhouse gases is tricky .
Scientists discover stars similar to our sun that emit superflares that wipe out nearby planets.
Under the scheme, companies are given a pollution allowance, an amount of greenhouse gases they can emit without penalty.
Students emit a subtle but pervasive odor attracting other students sharing similar academic characteristics.
The regulations would limit, for the first time, the amount of carbon dioxide vehicles could emit.
Arctic permafrost is already thawing, creating lakes that emit methane.
Black holes emit radiation from their poles.
One can imagine the downcast eyes lifted up for a moment, and the flash of scorn which they emit.
Never rote, her choices emit a constant, mild bliss of invention.
Though cleaner than oil or coal, it does emit greenhouse gases when burned.
Bigger pixels also emit more current, allowing their signal to swamp the electrical noise in the system.
When electrons jump between these energy levels, they absorb and emit light of particular frequencies.
Hot objects emit infrared radiation, and the electrons in these metals vibrate when exposed to such radiation.
Furthermore, the uncontrolled rotting in landfills and farms would no longer emit odours.
Nuclear reactors emit almost none of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.
Another approach is to use materials that emit light.
Torpedoes can still be tricked, in many cases, with decoys that emit sound waves to mimic ships.
For example, evolutionary psychology explains why babies emit piercing howls and wails when they are hungry or uncomfortable.
Someone's not personally carrying in something that could explode, spread disease, or emit radiation.
The phone would emit a radio wave that interacts with a device used by vendors to process the payment.
Suddenly, the device started to emit an accelerating beeping noise.
The speakers emit enough sound to fill any bedroom or den.
The satellites are synchronized with atomic clocks to emit signals simultaneously.
The reason: some elements can be identified by the colors they emit while burning.
Mickle promises his gas-guzzler will be taken off the road, never to emit another hydrocarbon.
Fed with oxygen and amino acids, they multiply and begin to emit light.
Lasers work by trapping light in or near a material that can emit more photons with the same wavelength, or color.
Lower clouds are warmer and thus emit more radiation than higher clouds, which are much colder.
Some wireless headsets emit continuous, low-level radiation, so take yours off your ear when you're not on a call.
Once agitated, these single-celled creatures emit a blue light.
Currently, proteins isolated from jellyfish that emit fluorescent green light are widely used for this purpose.
But at the low temperatures found in a star-forming cloud, hydrogen pairs up into molecules that do not readily emit radiation.
The two blue devices emit a furious cerulean with the slightest hint of violet.
Solar flares are relatively small-scale explosions that emit bursts of radiation.
The beast apparently uses them to emit flashes of bright blue-green light when threatened.
The scientists postulate that these beams actually emit only a tiny fraction of the total radiation.
Previous work had shown that rice paddies emit more methane during the wet season than they do in the dry season.
The beam consists of ultrasound waves, which humans cannot hear, but which can emit audible tones as they interact with air.
When the volcanoes erupted, they emit particles in the atmosphere that reflect sunlight and the planet cools.
By continuing to emit at present rates, we'd still be storing up future trouble.
Seeds are crucial to fruit formation because they typically emit hormone signals that bring the fruit into being.
Instead of polluting hydrocarbon emissions, fuel cell vehicles emit only water vapor from the tailpipe.
But other stars emit a different distribution of wavelengths and other planets likely filter the light differently.
Those charged particles can excite atoms in the ionosphere, which emit light as they return to their unexcited state.
But at night a chemical reaction causes the fungus to emit an eerie green glow sometimes called foxfire.
Known as fluorescent protein, the molecules absorb light of one color and emit light of a different color.
The less invasive technology creates images from the heat waves people naturally emit.
Much of the radiation quasars emit is trapped inside their dusty shells, dimming their brilliance.
Companies that emit greenhouse gases can buy these credits to offset their contributions to global emissions.
To stop this warming, many scientists say humans must reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they emit.
Bats emit a series of ultrasonic pulses that bounce back from surrounding objects, including prey.
The less electricity people use in their homes, the fewer chemicals power plants will emit.
When people are afraid, they emit a pheromone in their sweat and breath.
Different proteins throughout a lancelet's body emit varying levels of fluorescence.
They shrieked with that high-pitched call that only a bird of prey can emit.
The concern is that the dairy products rapidly decompose and emit odors that bring vermin scurrying to tear up your compost pile.
The western part of the bay is full of factories and urban centers that emit nitrogen into the air.
Compact florescent bulbs also emit less heat that conventional bulbs, thus helping reduce cooling bills in the summer months.
The microchips emit electronic signals which are used to track the whereabouts of the cats.
As atoms change, they emit different levels of radioactivity.
Using echolocation, bats emit high-pitched sounds, and interpret the sounds' echo to locate objects.
The problem with the phosphors is that they don't emit evenly across the visible spectrum.
Various work suggests that neurons emit and even conduct photons.
Tiny crystals called quantum dots emit intense, sharply defined colors.
Researchers have developed a laser smaller than a red blood cell that can be tuned to emit different colors.
The organic molecules in each pixel emit light when they're electrically stimulated.
Making these organic molecules emit light requires injecting electrons from electrical contacts on the film surfaces.
They emit different colors depending on their size and the material they're made from.
The lasers now used to treat some glaucoma patients emit powerful continuous beams that, as a side effect, burn tissue in the eye.
The suit is covered with markers that emit light to special near-infrared cameras arranged around the wearer.
Some of these probe proteins constantly emit fluorescent light.
First, these small reactors would necessarily emit less radiation in the case of an accident.
The eruption wasn't as enormous as last fall's flares, but it was big enough to emit gamma rays.
Whatever the stuff was, it did not emit light, but it did exert a gravitational pull.
Bacterial armies emit molecular war cries to stir others of their kind to action.
During the course of the experiment, the radioactive uranium may or may not emit a particle.
As they heat and compress the gas, the shock waves emit light.
As the quarks cool down from a trillion degrees, they should emit heat radiation, in the form of gamma-ray photons.
The biggest challenge was eliminating interference between the phone and the computer, since both emit radio signals.
Researchers then zapped each atom with an ultrafast laser that caused each atom to emit a single photon of light.
When struck by a particle of light, the detectors emit a single electron.
Officials buried cables along either side of the highway to emit an electromagnetic field.
These scanners use millimeter-wave sensors that emit radio frequencies.
Positive muons emit their decay positrons not in random directions but preferentially along the axis of rotation.
Pretty impressive figuring out that cancer cells emit distinct chemicals in our breath.
But houses emit lots of heavy hydrocarbons, plus all sorts of other bad things, and their smoke is usually darker.
Whatever product you use should emit only visible light, because ultraviolet light damages the eyes.
Ants that are capable of reproducing naturally emit hydrocarbon-based odors, and the eggs they produce smell the same way.
Nonstick pots can emit nasty stuff if used incorrectly.
Printers can emit what is known as particle pollution, or tiny grains of toner that can enter the lungs.
Framed against the holly green walls, high-powered show-biz types emit a buzz of confident lunchtime chitchat.

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