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Thus they serve eminently the mission of the university press.
And without doubt this strategy has so far proved eminently successful, successful enough to change civilization completely.
The leaves and stems are poisonous, but the fruit is eminently edible.
When the economy isn't hiring, coops are eminently appealing as full-time engineering jobs are scarce.
The answer is yes: there is indeed an alternative, and experience is proving that it is an eminently realistic one.
And that proves it's eminently possible for life to form from lifelessness.
The answer, delivered with eminently sensible moderation and humor, is yes and no.
If it succeeds, then every dollar spent is eminently worthwhile.
When it was written it was an eminently modern novel.
It's an eminently printable phrase, but it cleanly misses the mark.
If the recipes sound a bit far out, the results in each case were eminently edible.
Huge advances in information technology-and the availability of information-make such markets eminently possible, he believes.
It's not a new topic, of course, but that was an eminently reasonable and level-headed rant.
Often decorative, sometimes decent, eminently forgettable.
The mood is eminently correct, the setting grand, the manners formal.
After this eminently respectable sequence of events an amazing thing happens.
As perhaps befits a middle-aged celebration, these are all eminently reasonable activities.
Since you don't seem to know, here's how this works: the test is eminently coachable.
It remains an eminently pleasant and comfortable tavern.
Terrace reserved and upper deck seats remain eminently affordable.
As usual, however, it's eminently sensible to upgrade at your own sweet pace.
He nonetheless proved eminently capable of the long view.
Their lieutenants are also eminently compatible, as the negotiations showed.
Take eminently practical approaches to achieving measurable results.
It would, for example, be eminently possible to have a private air-traffic control system.

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