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Even so, it is questionable that increased prosperity would slow rates of emigration.
Perhaps the island is being affected by immigration or emigration.
Population size is determined by four general factors: natality, mortality, immigration and emigration.
The benefits from emigration is a cushion to mitigate the pain caused by emigration.
Emigration could relieve some of the pressure that's sure to slam down in the decades ahead.
While immigration policies attract a lot of attention, emigration policies receive little.
Interesting, but a more relevant figure would be one tied to emigration and household formation.
In the coming decades, the next lot of emigration countries will grow richer and older too.
It is far from obvious that such emigration presents a net negative to the country of origin.
Economic decline and political uncertainty since its break-up has resulted in high emigration.
The reasons given for seeking emigration are interesting.
Trade protectionism in industrial countries thus fuels emigration through a twofold effect.
Another trend to watch is emigration from rich countries.
Prediction: there is another flood of emigration coming, only this time it will be to the so-called emerging world.
And the noise hazard is still the strongest argument for emigration.
Instead of emigration, there has been an influx of workers from abroad.
It is the way of quietism, of willed obscurity, of inner emigration.
They have known colonization, revolution and emigration.
More the emigration, less the chances for the ones who remain to get employed.
Taxing the higher income earners will provide less motivation to work and this may result in emigration to other countries.
Previous trends in emigration and factors that may affect current and future levels of emigration are described.

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