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For this purpose a mere bare permission to emigrate into the country will not suffice.
Disillusion with what the country of their birth had inflicted on their livelihoods, my parents eventually chose to emigrate.
To have the freedom to emigrate anywhere and restrict the freedom of those who chose to enter the country.
It was then that many of his generals, soldiers, and supporters felt it prudent to emigrate.
It is overwhelmingly the young, motivated, hardworking people that emigrate.
Those pondering whether to emigrate, must decide for themselves.
He helped her emigrate to Sweden.
Those who emigrate maintain ties with their families and their homeland.
The most likely solution, he said, was for her to emigrate.
Use another color to shade in areas from which people might emigrate to enjoy those benefits.
Pride territories are held long term by the females, while adult males emigrate from their original prides.
Even if they do not emigrate, doctors stay in the cities.
They think the only thing for the refugees to do is emigrate.
To emigrate successfully, you will need proof of return, such as a purchased return ticket.
One poll taken among such youngsters and cited in the book suggests that three-quarters might emigrate if given the chance.
For example, those who expect to be rich could emigrate from high-taxation places to places where there is less redistribution.
Forced to leave, give up their belongings, emigrate.
The prospect of working abroad spurs more people to acquire valuable skills, and not all subsequently emigrate.
Immigration seems to be good for the countries to which people immigrate and the countries from which people emigrate.
High birthrates create poverty and give people an incentive to emigrate to countries where conditions are better.
Moving downstream, they emigrate to the ocean between late fall and spring where they mature into adults.
The formula accounts for students who transfer in and out, die, or emigrate over four years.

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