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Nowhere is it more difficult than in the emergency room, where split-second medical decisions must be made.
But if she has to take her stepson to the emergency room, state law might prevent her from authorizing medical treatment.
Miller played the role of the patient, directing his avatar to lie on a hospital bed in the virtual emergency room.
If things are too much for you then go to the emergency room immediately.
One from her husband saying that they were in the emergency room, she had an ectopic pregnancy and was going to surgery.
He told the parents to take him to the emergency room.
If you can get to an emergency room within an hour, the chances of limiting the stroke's damage are better.
And hopefully it never has to involve the emergency room, the hospital, or knife.
On her third trip to the pediatrician, the doctor told the family to take her to the emergency room.
For the first six months, he worked in the emergency room.
At this point he was transferred from the emergency room to one of the children's wards.
She went to the emergency room, not wanting to take chances.
We take it for granted that our hair dryers won't send us to the emergency room and our toothbrushes won't make us go numb.
After she returned home, a visit to the emergency room revealed the extent of her injury.
But he threw up again the next day and felt so bad he went into the emergency room.
His admission to an emergency room triggered his primary care doctor, who could be involved in his case.
When smoke levels go up so do deaths, expensive prescription drug use, emergency room visits.
One in four say the emergency room is their primary source of care and, as the recession bites, that proportion is growing.
If one goes to the emergency room, the hospital is obliged to treat the patient first and ask questions about insurance later.
Also, unlike alcohol, nobody ever goes to the emergency room for smoking too much pot.
Then, two days ago, he had come to our emergency room.
The patient arrived in the emergency room with tie askew, forehead clammy, fist pressed into his breastbone.
They wait until they are almost dead, then go to the emergency room.
Four hours later, his breathing was laboured and he was headed to the emergency room.
She would be rushed to the emergency room, seemingly on the verge of coma.
And new portable designs have made it easy for emergency room doctors to operate the equipment themselves.
We had a case where a guy got sick after eating them, and the emergency room called.
Hospitals are required to offer services if you go to the emergency room.
Exposure to cats has, in the past, sent me scrambling to the emergency room.
The effects of the emergency room's closing, the first step in closing down the hospital, may be felt more deeply than suspected.
Because he is diabetic, he was rushed to the emergency room.
Taken without proper supervision, those medicines can send kids to the emergency room.
If you fear that you are a danger to yourself or others, head for the nearest emergency room.
As an emergency room volunteer, she's accustomed to dealing with stress.

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There is something so settled and stodgy about turning a great romance into next of kin on an emergency roommore
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