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Some trailers use an air applied emergency brake system and some trailers use spring brakes as the emergency brake system.
All vehicles shall have a service brake system, an emergency brake system, and a parking brake system.
The emergency brake system shall be applied and released, and be capable of modulation, by means of the service brake control.
Air brakes are really three different braking systems: service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake.
The emergency brake system uses parts of the service and parking brake systems to stop the vehicle in a brake system failure.
He then attempted to apply the emergency brake but, there was still no braking.
The drive bull-wheel has an emergency brake directly behind the bull-wheel, a service brake, and an anti-rollback device.
The emergency brake handle has been designed not to take up space, and it can be a grab handle, and that works too.
The examiner must be able to reach the vehicle's emergency brake or foot brake.
The emergency brake control lever was located on the center console in the operator's compartment.
Shut off the engine while your foot is on the service brake and then set the emergency brake.
He said that the engineer had responded that he had already made an emergency brake application.
In addition, the emergency brake shall be set and the transmission put into neutral in stationary operations.
The engineer stated that he immediately made an emergency brake application but was unable to avoid striking the vehicle.
Put on the emergency brake to confuse a would-be thief.
Always park with the wheels turned toward the curb and apply the emergency brake.

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