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Students wear jackets, embroidered with their names and chapter locations, as part of their official uniform.
So such details, emerging in off-the-record briefings, may well be embroidered.
Then the bird threw a gold and silver dress down to her, and slippers embroidered with silk and silver.
The shirt is usually white, intricately embroidered and plaited and made of cotton or linen.
The screeners are distinguished by their white shirts and yellow embroidered badges.
The pot leaf is embroidered on polos, printed on ties and displayed on the shopping bags.
Ministers, senior civil servants, imams and notables in embroidered robes rubbed elbows with uniformed military officers.
The designers get extra credit for the intestines embroidered on the lining.
Powdery potpourri colors, rosebuds and embroidered bags made a playful and pretty show.
The cruise jacket always had the ship's name embroidered in gold on the back.
But this time, he embroidered his remarks with a little fresh bluster.
For the home, there are embroidered silk cushions and a range of fashions, including kids' caftans.
The club's traditions may seem overly embroidered for the uninitiated, but the cord has worked its magic.
Mien handicrafts include embroidered clothing, bags, and pillows.
The dress is a superb brocade silk, elaborately embroidered and immense train of the same rich material.
Most of her designs are cut in rich silk brocades, heavily embroidered with pearls and sequins.
The joy of the idea lies to a great extent in the fact that the embroidered muslin robe can be used in a new fashion.
The nomadic mix included embroidered shirts and the fantastically embellished leather jackets that are the label's hallmark.
The dark blue chiffon embroidered in silver is for night.
The exposure is straightforward and commonplace, but the style is embroidered with quaint and elaborate conceits.
Super cozy and super soft, right down to the large embroidered team logos that stand out from the solid background.
Features embroidered team logo on ribbed cuff, plus team name knit into crown.
Her own bed has a cushion embroidered with the words drama queen.
And my sister contributed a cushion which she had embroidered with the family crest, a mailed fist brandishing a feather.
Everything is of a piece, from candlesticks to sanctuary lamps to gold-embroidered altarpiece.
Woody gave her a red satin box filled with chocolates and an embroidered antique heart.
Who knows what the embroidered cushion on his couch will say.
Winter white cashmere embroidered coat and matching bouclé dress with embroidered trim.
Pricing based on number of lines embroidered or if a logo or state seal is needed.
They were sold in a variety of colors and many of them have the names of colleges and universities printed or embroidered on them.
All cloth, metal or embroidered accessories shall be neatly and securely attached.
Bunnies with flat or embroidered noses are not subject to this recall.
Additional ornamentation is provided by designs embroidered on the individual patches.

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