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The quantum phenomenon known as entanglement keeps spreading its arms to hold ever more particles in its spooky embrace.
Their hug-me arms waver in the hot, wet air, as if they are attempting to embrace something vast and invisible.
Artists and musicians embrace the Net, despite legal issues.
We should all embrace that concept.
We have the capacity to embrace all the opposites as they exist in nature.
The big ship creaked and groaned as she descended, her steel hull actually being compressed by the sea's embrace.
Change is good and you should embrace it.
Open the doors and embrace your community.
She's no longer opposed to it, but doesn't want to embrace it either.
Given the opportunity, I would embrace it with open arms.
We should encourage people to embrace who they are.
We need to grasp this concept of change and embrace and understand it.
Most of us embrace the concept of ecologically responsible gardening.
As an aesthetic principle, quirk is an embrace of the odd against the blandly mainstream.
Any philosophy the show seemed to embrace, it later contradicted.
So-called healthy perfectionists embrace the trait's sunnier side while minimizing its darker features.
Cheers to all those who are humble enough to accept and embrace.
Group dynamics and charismatic leadership play powerful roles in convincing people to embrace the expansive goals of terrorism.
And that in itself seems to be a discredit to the faith you claim to embrace.
If you want to be taken seriously you need to abandon the all or nothing fanaticism and embrace a balanced science oriented view.
Allow the people to enjoy the temperate climate and encourage the social organism to embrace the migration.
The company appears willing to embrace its controversial viewpoints.
See what their leaders can do when they embrace reality, technology and the interests of their citizens above politics.
Some cultures embrace and value individuals who would in ours, be diagnosed with severe disorders.
Lighting is the original killer app of modern energy-and one that the world continues to embrace.
Another always thrashes its trotters to get away when it is picked up, whereas the others nuzzle into a human embrace.
But clashes are less likely to occur if one or two rival monkeys embrace.
Third, small towns should seek to embrace immigration whenever possible.
To that end, undergraduate programs must equip students intellectually to embrace a global world.
Even as colleges embrace diversity, simple solutions to help the visually impaired are overlooked.
It is that serious educators will embrace those things that genuinely help students learn.
The challenge is to embrace this as an opportunity for fresh thinking.
The easiest reaction to the demographic changes in our profession is to embrace, and even celebrate them.
They embrace their experts all the way over the cliff.
She called on community colleges to embrace evidence-based research and apply programs that work at their campuses.
Faculty members tend to embrace a decorous civility.
The expectation of its glory made them embrace their crosses with joy.
She wanted to leap and run, to cry out, to find some other lonely human and embrace him.
At its insertion the tendon divides into two portions, which embrace the fibular collateral ligament of the knee-joint.
We were now within the embrace of a broad bay flanked on either hand by a low promontory.
When all else fails, try to embrace the blur that you have to accept anyway.
The initial clash brings combatants flying toward a thunderous embrace.
With relentless determination, the cloud draws ever closer, and in its fiery embrace an enormous city appears.
The common thread among these methods is an embrace of farming practices that mimic natural ecological processes.
Take time to intellectually and emotionally embrace the place.
Sundews envelop their victims in an embrace of sticky tentacles.
His exceptional journey between those two moments and beyond has allowed him to embrace-and bridge-both cultures.
Then he clasped his hands together, as if in an embrace.
To recognize them you have to shed your pre-9/11 notions and embrace today's travel reality.
Usually in response to that submissive behavior, the aggressor will reach out and gently pat or embrace or kiss.
But learning to embrace fear-that's the performance-enhancing secret of adventure psychology.
Some males embrace females with spiny claspers in a viselike grip that causes damage.
Historically, the prospect of energy savings drove widespread embrace of daylight savings.
Yet not all males appear willing to embrace life as single parents.
Today the field of animal cognition has moved beyond behaviorism to embrace many new areas of study.
If there is a stronger word than embrace, imagine it here.
Other vacationers prefer to embrace winter and visit destinations that offer winter sports opportunities.
Hotels embrace coffee lovers, and room service isn't required.
Melody-and the cheerful embrace of the moment as it happens.
One single aim fired us, the urge to embrace all experience, and to bear witness concerning it.
As they ride, they embrace and move with the rhythm of the train.
In either case, they embrace it, though they already have multiple copies.
But you are aware of the structure's sensuous curves, which all but embrace you as you approach on an entry road.
Geographic distance allows the observer to embrace the large context of world literature.
Amplexus, as this embrace is known, may be yet another way for males to outcompete their rivals.
When people embrace a given ideology with closed minds they will fail at solve anything related to reality.
Not all scientists, of course, embrace the theory that synthetic chemicals are disrupting fetal development.
But these were distances that the imagination might, at a stretch, embrace.
And self-discipline can be counter-productive if your company doesn't embrace it.
The big tech firms have convinced themselves that the health industry will be the next to embrace cloud computing.
We should embrace globalisation, not because it has no drawbacks, but rather because the benefits of trade overwhelm the costs.
Give one an orthodox monetary policy, watch it embrace foreign investors and float its currency.
Some of them indeed are, and all of them embrace odious and intolerant views of one sort or another.
They may even find that they have to embrace diversification as they try to compete in these markets.
Their reluctance to embrace the spirit of the revolution has perpetuated a mood of angry disputation.
That's why one is seldom surprised at being avoided when one gets released, and doesn't expect a universal embrace.
Better to embrace infanticide outright than to condemn it, not for the sake of infants, but because of its bad effects on us.
But some companies are giving up the fight and looking for ways to embrace the phenomenon of online piracy.
He will then suggest ways ways your firm can organize to embrace the innovation and corporate venturing imperative better.
But the car companies don't really embrace the newer ideas with the exception of hybrid technology.
Still, convincing the traditional shoe-manufacturing industry to embrace new technology has not been easy.
Perhaps it's more arrogant to deny one's vanity than to embrace it.
Because it does encourage and embrace the underdog, as opposed to being cut down if you don't look a certain way.
The polished fruit of more than half a decade of research and writing, the book was immediately received in a universal embrace.
Each night he added to the pattern of his fancies until drowsiness closed down upon some vivid scene with an oblivious embrace.
Co-ops embrace new technologies and structures to maintain owner control.
We are a people who embrace and stand ready for change.
Today high tech companies from across the nation have come to embrace our lifestyle of opportunity and optimism.
Leadership to embrace diversity and a global perspective in education.

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