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Example sentences for embossed

The timing, my economics major, and the embossed paper thing all pointed in that direction.
Cedar-lap siding, wooden sidewalks, embossed tin ceilings.
The embossed felt rug was made by molding wet wool over bowls and other circular shapes.
And even if the original name is embossed on the ship's bow or stern in raised steel, that is no great obstacle.
They were oddly colored and lacked the telltale embossed feel of offset printing.
They are inexpensive and attractive, with gold and silver designs embossed on a brown background.
As another security measure, the laminated edge of the card will be embossed with lines raised slightly above the laminate.
The decoder ring is offered with an embossed design, engraved with a metallic inlaid crest, or with a colored enamel coating.
The king at last came in guarded with twelve lances, covered over with a rich canopy with embossed gold.
From the vestibule, you can visit another smoking room, this one painted and paneled with embossed leather.
Only one duly authorized skill badge may be embossed on the nametag.

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