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Do not change the colors of either emblem or use screens or tints of any color in any part of the logo.
Royal purple was continued as the color of the order and the forget me not was adopted as the floral emblem.
Sea turtles have become the emblem of the whole town.
There is no better emblem of the double-edged pleasure of seasonality than a backyard fig tree.
The emblem on the side of the plane gives a clue what the intended target might be, overhead.
She is an emblem of confessional painting at a time when nothing is intimate anymore.
Their campaign emblem is an inflatable white elephant.
Get the name out there, get the emblem in people's heads.
It is an emblem of material success, and meanwhile sound financial investment.
The emblem of yesterday's architectural heroism has become an icon for the insecurities of today's urban planners.
You're getting a great racing peripheral, but be prepared to pay a lot for that fancy emblem.
The attendants wear as many hearts as possible, and all the wares exposed bear that emblem.
And the news that a video about the emblem caused epileptic seizures was hardly a public relations dream.
It is the highest emblem in the cipher of the world.
There can be no objection to one's appropriation of such an emblem if one fancies it.
Its practice is the emblem of our beauty, and sustains our dignity.
It isn't a bad emblem for the broader changes transforming the science of taxonomy.
No scientist before or since has so completely transcended the role of expert to become a universal emblem of reason.
Scouts descend on the main plaza for the annual event to form their group's emblem.
However, many protesters don't want to lose their biggest emblem: the urban encampment.
Together, these walls and the hollow they protect are a perfect emblem of the castle's former owner.
The division then made the site a garrison and painted its emblem on the stucco above the low door to the monastery's chapel.
The official emblem of that venture includes a snowflake.
Any veteran with honorable military service may obtain an emblem packet.
Recipients must not change proportions of the emblem.

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