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Example sentences for ember

There is no indication that a single ember of any tribe died as a result of this single action.
Now the fire is but smoke and ember, the neon anemic, the dragon feeble and more of shadow than of substance.
Amidst the ashes of the dot coms, one ember of the computing economy remains red hot: bioinformatics.
Ember has consistently gained weight over the last month.
The site also should be downwind from the sleeping area to prevent catching a tent or sleeping bag on fire from a spark or ember.
List for a transplant procedure for which ember has not received approved program status.
All exterior vents designed to prevent ember intrusion.

Famous quotes containing the word ember

The bone-frame was made for no such shock knit within terror, yet the skeleton stood up to it: the flesh? it was melted ... more
jet, obsidian, ember of bloodstone, glisten of mineral green. And what hangs out there asleep.... more
Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying embermore
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