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Example sentences for embellishment

It is a pity, and not a credit, that the charter should have made no provision whatever for municipal embellishment.
Such descriptions as they left of their work are as shorn of embellishment as the granite stonework.
Great ingredients should stand on their own without a lot of embellishment.
It can be any shape, from long and lean to short and flared, provided there is no embellishment from top to toes.
Despite the occasional steel guitar or mandolin, the songs stayed clear of country embellishment.
The tunes are set with specific melodies with room only for slight embellishment.
It is an embellishment to sauce, an accompaniment to anything farinaceous.
The story is heroic on its face and needs no embellishment.
The essence of the show was embellishment pushed to its limits.
Different textures, weaves, colors and embellishment were worked into these beautifully made clothes.
The design has continuity from the sleek nose to the truncated tail and avoids unnecessary embellishment.
He tasted the blackberries and decided that they, too, deserved the chocolate embellishment.
His is a lean, aggressive style that avoids flowery embellishment.
To do so, each piece had a relatively simple shape so that the embellishment could stand out.
The fine statement made by the picture doesn't need so much lush embellishment.
His second embellishment was combing and slicking back his hair.
Tail-fin window frames, streamlined ceiling fixtures and padded leather walls provide extra automotive embellishment.
Designers introduced products that were high on embellishment and loaded with color, often with plant and flower motifs.
There's a foundation, a structure and an embellishment.
It is the type of embellishment that takes a furnishing to an entirely new level in its thoughtfulness alone.
But sometimes it's embellishment or paranoia or stacking the deck for the upcoming legal proceedings.
The more elementary the product, the more grandiose the embellishment.
The income from the trust fund may only be used for the general care, maintenance, and embellishment of the cemetery.
They first heard an example of a rhythmic embellishment.
The students were then given time to create their own rhythmic embellishment.
Piecemeal embellishment and frequent changes in material or color shall be avoided.
Walls, floors and ceilings are concrete and feature little or no embellishment.
The structure has little decorative embellishment, other than a wrought iron woven lattice railing.
All six buildings are in a simple industrial, factory style, with minimal architectural embellishment.
The result is a clear narrative image created by broad contours with a minimum of embellishment.
How much of these testimonies were the patients' own words and how much was embellishment is impossible to know.
Such decorations shall have no intrinsic or significant utilitarian or secondary value other than as an embellishment.
The concrete lamp posts with colonial fittings were a distinctive embellishment on the bridge.
Empowerment is the new embellishment on the older concept of capacity building.
Sharkskin was used for sanding, red ochre for staining, and abalone for inlay and embellishment.

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