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Example sentences for embellish

Instead of just sequins and beading, the designer used pleating, draping and fabric folds to embellish his ensembles.
It's tempting to exaggerate or embellish.
There is a small percentage of people who embellish, fabricate, and hype up their backgrounds–they never last long.
He avoids the obvious temptations to embellish, instead hitting each note as if it were a bull's eye in a clear, firm voice.
I'm not sure what's worse smear campaigns or those who embellish them.
You can keep it very simple and streamlined, then embellish it later.
Not because they are trying to embellish the truth, but because they actually believe full heartedly what they are saying.
In other words, don't embellish or dramatize your story to make it more interesting.
So long as they keep to the framework, both singer and player may embellish and improvise.
It's a personal choice whether you want to protect, show off, hide or embellish your newly owned device.
Today, even architects who prefer a modernist approach embellish their designs.
In a seemingly paradoxical fashion, a new technology was used to embellish nature.
Arched panels over the windows, with a fleur-de-lis carved above each keystone, embellish the dining room.
Unique hand-wrought decorations embellish the main elevator entrances.
Although applicants may embellish income and conceal debt, their intent is to repay the loan.
Printers' marks, or trade marks from printers and publishers, embellish the north and south walls.
Small modillions embellish the main cornices as well as the pediments of the central block.

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The myth of motherhood as martyrdom has been bred into women, and behavioral scientists have helped embellishmore
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