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We stop at a spot where nine timbers are embedded in the ground.
Paul would tell me later that he felt different from before, newly embedded in himself, as if trapped in statuary.
This year around 10 billion microprocessors will be sold, embedded in anything from computers to coffee-makers.
Listen to the podcast on this embedded player.
Seashells are embedded like mosaics into the stucco walls on the Vultaggio property.
By virtue of his troubled life and a single decent gesture, he is embedded in the American conscience.
Clear gifs are small pieces of data that are embedded in images on the pages of Web sites.
The waves reflect off a metal screen embedded in the glass.
From horizon to horizon, the city was embedded in a lush, verdant blanket.
He leisurely examined the embedded wheel, and cast an eye along the road ahead.
Once you've embedded the inlays, cover the countertop with plastic.
There were even several shark teeth embedded in the skeleton.
The quarry is the only place in the monument where the public can easily see dinosaur fossils embedded in rock.
The tyrannosaur's teeth were found embedded in the neck of the ceratopsian.
Framed fossils embedded in shale, often in mirror-image pairs, can be had for a dollar or two.
We can use the technology that has become so embedded into our own lives as a way to more productively attend conferences.
What you might call an embedded experience in fighting terrorism.
Well, not entirely embedded, unless you mean king-bedded.
Forms may be embedded into websites or blogs or the link may be emailed.
Contracts have different types of ownership embedded in their agreements.
Allow an automatic time-marker to be embedded in the notes at intervals set by the user.
It embedded itself in her lungs such that she could feel that there was something in there when she breathed in deeply.
Embedded in the map are expanded lecture notes and links to relevant websites.
Machismo, personified in the tyrant or author, is deeply embedded in the culture.
But the book you'd download would have many more links embedded in it, to other information that might be of value.
The skull turned out to be part of a complete skeleton embedded in volcanic ash.
But it does create a larger surface area for special sensory organs embedded in their skin.
Embedded in the urethane are six strain gages, sensors that change electrical resistance as they are bent.
Embedded in that power signal are instructions that the robot interprets, determining whether to go forward or to turn.
Previous models had suggested that a single embedded planet would produce a spiral arm on each side of such a disk.
The team also found a fossilized shark tooth embedded in the outside of a coprolite.
There was something else: a stainless-steel hook embedded in its mouth, trailing a long strand of monofilament line.
In the food industry, plastic embedded with a specific enzyme converts the sugar glucose into fructose, which is much sweeter.
In this system, the sensors will be embedded in a placebo to be taken alongside a medicine.
The approach relies on an invisible watermark that is embedded into a digital file.
Sweet-taste-sensory cells in the taste buds have these receptor protein molecules embedded in their plasma membranes.
In the system, colorless crystals are embedded in the photography paper.
Embedded in the amorphous portions of both proteins are two kinds of crystalline regions that toughen the silk.
Nevertheless, it is important to note that all of the above remains firmly embedded in speculation.
Out came the vertebrae, pelvic bones, and-one by one-a series of ribs deeply embedded in the cliff side.
Going forwards would mean that the wheels become embedded deeper in their tracks, he says.
Some claim that behavioral information is embedded in historical price charts.
There is no direct evidence that there is such a thing as an expanding spacetime continuum in which matter is embedded.
It relies on cameras embedded in a car's side mirrors.
It would make money selling a small microchip embedded in bricks and devices that would conduct the power flow.
Identifying plant microbes is not easy, because microbial cells are embedded in plant tissue.
Think of light as being embedded in space and stretched with it's expansion.
Everything from cars to cookers could ultimately have social connectivity embedded in it.
In coming years wireless will vanish entirely from view, as communications chips are embedded in a host of everyday objects.
Most gruesomely, fully formed body parts of the dead twin may be found embedded in the body of its surviving sibling.
Micro-entrepreneurs tend to be from families embedded in communities that can exert strong peer pressure to repay.
The material also has small spheres of porous silicon embedded in it.
The intellectual property embedded in some devices may not, ahem, have been paid for.
But all those embedded journalists have created a fog of information that can obscure the whole.
Worse, the fingering technique that gets embedded can blunt a student's sense of touch for life.
Another test asked participants to work out the direction of specific sounds embedded within white noise.
Another test asked participants to work out the direction of specific sounds embedded within stereo white noise.
Bigger image sensors are better because they allow the pixels embedded in their surface to be larger.
Only occasionally is he embedded in the actual drama.
It's a no-win situation that's made even worse when the lyrics are unintelligible, the voice a shriek embedded in noise.
The regret embedded in a long-anticipated kiss is a subject with some literary pedigree.
Parking space is embedded in a partially sunken multilayered structure, atop which is the main pedestrian entry path to the arena.
The ketchup, red and decadent, embedded with little flecks of grated onion.
There is a lot of respect and history embedded in their work.
Thus, simply by counting backward it is possible to date each layer of ice and also the climatological information embedded in it.
The electrode-embedded sheets were placed over the parts of the brain that control arm and hand movement.
People do have social responsibilities by and large, and we're embedded in a broader fabric.
For decades geologists had noticed suspiciously marine-looking fossils embedded in those ores.
Compared with the giant skeletons that spin museum turnstiles, this embedded crocodile tooth is an unprepossessing fleck.
Beyond propositional speech and making sentences, there seems to be language embedded in song and in automatism of various sorts.
Part way through the procedure, the needle broke, leaving its tip embedded in the bone and the rest buried in the thigh muscle.
Elephant feet are difficult because the structures are so embedded in the flat pad.
In a conventional photograph the image is embedded in the paper.
The argument here is obviously embedded in the milieu of systematics and their particular concerns.
One trick used by some bacteria is to eject antibiotics through so-called efflux pumps embedded in their cellular membranes.
There was something sinister embedded in the city's beauty.
To me it only added to the attractiveness already embedded because of his incredible talent, a natural-born superb athlete.
It floats around ballet dancers, embedded in their costumes with floral-infused petals.
The proton beams are fired through three-inch pipes embedded in the center of the sausages.
Street-embedded sensors monitor parking availability.
During the night, the user wears a soft headband with an embedded sensor that detects the brain's electrical activity.
We watch the war in disconnected bites, through the eyes of embedded reporters scattered amidst boredom and battles.
The turbines are connected to a crossbar on a large steel beam embedded in the seabed.
But a big challenge has been how to deliver power to electronic components embedded within the body.
The fibers are made of a polymer that is embedded with light-emitting molecules, which light up when exposed to an electric field.
The nightshirt is embedded with fabric electronics to monitor the wearer's breathing patterns.
The company says the camera module can be embedded in digital cameras, smart phones and other devices.
Metal interconnects embedded in the plastic completed the circuitry.
It is embedded in a hillside, and the only straight lines in it are the floors.
What seems clear is that the ability to experience and react to music is deeply embedded in the biology of the nervous system.

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