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Example sentences for embed

It would embed the government more deeply in ratings.
Figure out ways to embed leadership, social, and global skills in everyday curricula.
The mission is to embed propaganda messages in supposedly objective reports.
The molecules embed themselves at interfaces between oil and water.
Army would embed humanities types into fighting brigades.
It would be a practical, constructive, and efficient way to embed some financial literacy in the curriculum.
They allegedly contracted with others to embed the stolen data onto fraudulent cards.
The second is to embed the shield in an agreement that limits its capabilities.
There was an earlier problem with the embed code, but this had been fixed.
DiA should embed his- or herself in a checkpoint unit.
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We will embed these principles in all of our activities, with each other, our candidates for citizenship and the public.
But that may embed expectations of permanently higher inflation, which would have to be squeezed out later.
Removing the fear of failure helps to embed the culture.
These odorless, tasteless gases embed in porous surfaces and readily seep into the atmosphere.
They should, so to speak, embed the general public trust into their services and products.
We couldn't embed it here, so you'll have to click through to the site.
They can also add text and embed the resulting collages of content on their own sites.
These are satisfying tracks to my ear, but since they've allowed us to embed the entire album, you can decide for yourself.
They can embed sensors in pavement, or mount scanners and cameras along the road.
E-books have the ability to embed hyperlinks into the page to give the student a deeper, more meaningful way to study.
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Sure of their own skill, the artisan is more likely to take risks and embed themselves into deeper civic membership.
But leads are designed to embed themselves in the tissue of the heart, making them difficult to remove.
He also plans to embed different development-stimulating chemicals within the gels.
Joy says that it will embed machine intelligence in ordinary, daily life.
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Several new types of questions will be added, including one that lets you embed another questionnaire inside of a question.
In fact, the process can embed small flaws in the genomes of clones that scientists are only now discovering.
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