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Researchers are racing to fortify the embattled cacao tree and to meet increasing demand for cocoa made from its seeds.
But now the forests and their wildlife are under siege by embattled people desperate to survive from week to week.
Yet the rollercoaster life of the embattled singer proved more powerful than his musical gifts.
But there was a time not long ago when the embattled thirty-eight-year-old wanted no part of the family business.
Still, the issuing of subpoenas is undoubtedly more bad news for the embattled firm.
Even good corrections officers feel embattled by dangerous inmates who badly outnumber them.
Yet the more embattled she became, the more she was determined to win.
It's a sentiment that applies not only to this embattled glory of the biosphere but to everywhere.
Some countries, particularly the embattled economies on the periphery of the euro zone, have no choice.
And the region's anti-corruption outfits are proving toothless, sidelined or simply embattled.
Litter drifts around empty pitches, wasps hover near overflowing bins and dogs bark outside each embattled caravan.
Some wondered whether the embattled firm would go the way of those two investments.
But lately, a few embattled businesses have done so.
Here once the embattled farmers stood and fired the shot heard round the world.
The clan of the particular school reported in this study is described as being impoverished, professional, and embattled.

Famous quotes containing the word embattled

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