embarrassed in a sentence

Example sentences for embarrassed

The defense was embarrassed.
If you are fortunate enough to live as long as I have, one day you will be embarrassed by your naivety.
Frazzled and embarrassed, we relaunched, thinking we'd find peace on the water.
He was more shocked and embarrassed than anyone over his behavior.
If you weren't embarrassed before, you should be now.
The embarrassed fashion press, wishing it could forget the whole thing, stopped giving interviews to the non-fashion press.
Every time you post something in these forums I feel embarrassed for you.
Apparently, the creator's children are embarrassed by his work.
He was in no way embarrassed by the utterly farcical scene he was creating.
Even with some caution, I suppose we are all doomed to be embarrassed by the fashion debacles of previous decades.

Famous quotes containing the word embarrassed

He scratched his ear, the infallible resource To which embarrassed people have recourse.... more
My father liked to moralize, and so do I. But he was in earnest, while I am embarrassed and pretend that I ... more
...they seem embarrassed by their own stupid beauty./Erect, with those decorous irridescent [sic] rings/aro... more
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