embarrass in a sentence

Example sentences for embarrass

My agent was worried I was about to embarrass myself.
It was as if the prosecution had set out to embarrass its own witness.
If you don't want to embarrass yourself, don't send embarrassing emails.
It is just not in my nature to discipline or embarrass students in front of other students.
Sorry I had to embarrass you in front of everybody but you left me with no choice.
He's not going to embarrass you by yelling and screaming at you in public.
You never want to go out there and embarrass yourself.
You wouldn't want to embarrass yourself any more than you already have.
He asked her the one thing that he knew might embarrass her.
You embarrass yourself and your faction by speaking with a child's logic.

Famous quotes containing the word embarrass

Stories of law violations are weighed on a different set of scales in the Black mind than in the white. Petty crimes more
As debate is rare in the House of Representatives, since nearly all real business is done in the committees, it is very ... more
If a man's from Texas, he'll tell you. If he's not, why embarrass him by asking?... more
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