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Example sentences for embargo

It was believed than an embargo on certain ranges of commodities could help effectively to maintain this superiority.
The lifting of the arms embargo, they insist, would be “symbolic” in nature.
The overhyped stories that appeared before and just after the embargo lifted were obviously a problem.
In 1995, Greece lifted a 20-month trade embargo and the two countries agreed to normalize relations.
The chamber Thursday also voted 250-169 to keep the economic embargo in place.
If there is any wisdom left among us the first step toward hostility will always be an embargo.
Potential penalties for violating the embargo were not indicated.
The oil embargo deprived many.
Roosevelt later extended the embargo to all scrap metal.
Lifting the embargo would take consensus among the 27 members of the club.
So great was the fear of piracy that photography was banned, and there was an embargo on all publicity for one month.
Far from defending the new state s right to exist, they enforced an arms embargo which undermined its ability to defend itself.
Details had already been circulated to journalists under embargo.
But ordinarily, such pre-embargo access is only given to professional journalists.
There will be strict enforcement of this embargo and violators are subject to be summonsed.

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