embankment in a sentence

Example sentences for embankment

The bus struck a barrier, then swerved, drove up an embankment and flipped on its side.
My car slide down the embankment backwards smashing into a tree.
We join them at a manhole beneath an ivy-covered embankment.
The path and ribbons of pink and bronze draw the eye up the steep backyard embankment.
So much for an adversary taking cover behind a compound wall or an embankment.
The victims were strewn all across the embankment when emergency crews arrived.
The cave entrance is nearly invisible, a crack almost buried by the steeply piled rubble of the railway embankment.
We skidded down the steep embankment from the road to walk across the girders underneath the bridge.
If you zoom in, you can make out the embankment of the road and the break where the culverts run underneath it.
Outside the henge and under the embankment, the project excavated a cluster of seven small houses.
They laid her on the granite pavement of the embankment.
The bus went off the road and plunged down an embankment, coming to rest in a cornfield.
All three buses cleared an eight-foot embankment without hitting it.
Many earthen embankment dams are reaching the end of their planned design and economic life.
Additionally, asphaltic concrete is placed on an embankment layer rather than a treated layer.
The consultant found that the embankment stability was adequate, provided seepage remains at low levels within the embankment.
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