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Others referred to cadavers used in an embalming lab in a way that upset the families of anatomy-bequest donors.
From archaeologists determining cultural practices to chemists studying embalming, mummies have revealed libraries of information.
The brain is missing--apparently removed through the nose in what was a common embalming procedure.
In some places embalming services have been organized into collectives, on the model of food cooperatives.
Removing the blood out of the body and replacing it with embalming fluid to preserve the remains.
Afterwards, the liquid inside the egg is removed and mixed with an embalming fluid called formalin.
The whole makeup job is so embalming that it prevents expression, which is a crucial film disability.
Tut had been affixed to his coffin by resins used in the embalming process.
Results of a new study found no chemical signs of deliberate preservation, either by embalming or smoking.
These were simple to remove once they got soggy, explaining why similar bundles turn up in many embalming caches.
So there is a chance that this is not a tomb at all, but rather a cache for used embalming materials.
Lenny works in an embalming parlor and is, in the language of such fiction, bitter at the world.
It is well known as a preservative in medical laboratories, as an embalming fluid, and as a sterilizer.
Seeking sources to provide embalming chemicals and supplies.
Makes possession and sale of embalming fluid a misdemeanor.
Some funeral homes may not allow for a public visitation to take place at their facility unless embalming has taken place.
Embalming is a procedure that temporarily preserves the remains.

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The race of prophets is extinct. Europe is becoming set in its ways, slowly embalming itself beneath the wr... more
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