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Example sentences for embalmed

To meet demand, they bred, slaughtered and embalmed kittens by the thousands.
He has a fascination with mechanical gadgets, the colors amber and steel blue, and body parts embalmed in jars.
All researchers agreed that the mummy was carefully and extensively embalmed.
After, being embalmed at the morgue, he was buried in the local cemetery.
Genius is not embalmed in them, as is sometimes said, but lives in them perpetually.
From a body that has been autopsied once already, embalmed and buried for a few years.
Caught in the act, he was embalmed alive and his tongue was cut out for his act of sacrilege.
Morticians arrange for transportation of the body to the mortuary where it is either cremated or embalmed.
The affidavit may also state that the remains have been embalmed or otherwise prepared.

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