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The question of emancipation has been deeply and candidly pondered.
Doing without the Fund is indeed an economic emancipation.
In the Northern states the result was gradual emancipation.
She promoted democracy and women's emancipation.
As everywhere, a flourishing nightlife marked this period of intense emancipation.
Many educated and, otherwise, sensible persons appeared to believe that emancipation meant social equality.
From the day on which the emancipation of our literature was accomplished, the purification of our literature began.
The journey to emancipation would be less daunting if there were a consensus among politicians on the need.
And yet, as the nineteenth century wore on, emancipation increasingly appeared an illusion.
The war cloud had thinned enough to allow a clearer conception of the work of emancipation.
There's a second sin that's almost as great and that's emancipation.
The consensus was that, in the slimmest sense, compensated emancipation was possible.
But not everyone believes that emancipation would have been inhumane.
If economic misery were to be the price for political emancipation, many people might not want to pay it.

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