emancipated in a sentence

Example sentences for emancipated

The proclamation emancipated no one immediately, but changed everything eventually.
Only once mankind is emancipated will people act according to their true, co-operative nature.
They were emancipated in his will and some were paid pensions for decades.
In real life, there's a more enlightened, emancipated and perhaps extended family at the table.
Writer wonders whether he has truly emancipated himself or merely rebuilt the walls that keep him in.

Famous quotes containing the word emancipated

The son will run away from the family not at eighteen but at twelve, emancipated by his gluttonous precocit... more
The advantage man enjoys, which makes itself felt from his childhood, is that his vocation as a human being in no way ru... more
fate per a somewhat more than less emancipated evening had in return for consciousness endowed him with a c... more
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