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Example sentences for emaciated

Those young emaciated boys need a good meal and a haircut.
The last time I looked, the sharks looked a bit emaciated.
This week we implore you to deliver a visual feast to our emaciated eyes.
Many of the rescued dogs that I have known have been slender-to-emaciated due to malnutrition before the rescue.
His hair is long and unkempt, his face and body emaciated.
His emaciated understanding of human nature was at the heart of all of his errors.
He looked pale and emaciated, but was not wanting in coolness and deliberation.
Up the road, a tall, emaciated figure came running toward him.
Weak and emaciated, he collapsed at home and was taken unconscious to a charity hospital, where he died two days later.
Campaigners also noted more emaciated whales in the region last summer.
He is severely emaciated, physically abused, and terrified of mostly everything.
Bobby grew depressed and emaciated and began biting his own arm, leaving permanent scars.
Unfortunately, rabid monetarists and neo-Keynesians live with an emaciated theory of money.
Economics desperately needs a full bodied theory of money to replace the emaciated theory that exists.
The streets are packed with pedestrians, bicycle and auto rickshaws, and the occasional car or cow or emaciated pariah dog.
Others, emaciated or showing oozing lesions, curl up on the soiled floor of the latrines.
From age and fatigue, his eyes have sunk deep into their sockets, and his nose looks too prominent for his emaciated features.
For one thing, the prisoners are far from emaciated.
Birds with either form of pox may appear weak and emaciated.
Early on the emaciated troops received extra rations and were promised extra blankets and clothing.
The disease causes the animals to become emaciated, display abnormal behavior, lose their bodily function and eventually die.
As the situation worsens, deer become emaciated and can die of starvation or disease.
Sick tortoises often refuse to eat and become emaciated.

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