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Example sentences for elves

Finally everything was ready and the elves began to load the sled.
But lightning flickers above thunderstorms too, where the ghostly flashes have such fanciful names as elves and sprites.
We vaguely thought that journals were put together by elves, similar to grocery-store shelves' getting stocked at night.
Your elves toil for impossibly long hours and appear to subsist entirely on leftover cookies.
Today only the toy-shop workers are portrayed as elves.
Perhaps because the mesosphere is so little understood, it is home to two meteorological mysteries: sprites and elves.
Everything looked freshly scrubbed, as if a cleaning crew of elves swept through nightly.
Students of digital effects will be able to note how those house elves were a little more lifelike on every outing.
And that doesn't mean it's all about elves and fairies, either.
As if elves and otters were necessarily cute, implying that you're cute too.
The consumer in me attributed this to the magical audio elves, but the gadget hound in me had to do some investigating.
Scientists believe elves result when an energetic electromagnetic pulse extends up into the ionosphere.

Famous quotes containing the word elves

I do not write for such dull elves As have not a great deal of ingenuity themselves.... more
Rise. Let us combine. There are no magics or elves Or timely godmothers to guide us. We are lost, must Wiza... more
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