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His words are equally lucid on the page and eloquent to the listener.
There are games to make you smarter, fitter, and more eloquent.
He was eloquent and profound and spoke from the depths of his heart.
At least the article seemed pretty eloquent and witty, making it an enjoyable read.
Nothing is so eloquent, or so powerfully persuasive as example.
Subtle and witty, these concise, eloquent pieces are a pleasure to read.
In the end, his memoir is a stark and eloquent testament to the virtues of fortitude and forbearance.
Thank you very much for presenting this grand and eloquent piece of true literature.
Our affection for him grew with his eloquent words of inspiration.
His speech to us that night is one of many that the eloquent civil rights giant delivered to audiences across the land.
Even the most eloquent and insightful academic memoirs are, by nature, ungainly hybrids of the scholarly and the subjective.
He or she must be an entrepreneurial leader, an eloquent and enthusiastic advocate and a strong financial manager.
Harry's talents included a gift for telling stories eloquent with adjectival profanity.
Matt, of course, is the youngest ever to pull off this feat-and he's become an eloquent advocate for kids getting outdoors.
They made you more eloquent in the language of sorrow.
He is obviously eloquent, a voluble storyteller with his hands.
Both gave eloquent, insightful and funny interviews that were inevitably pared down into a few short quotes for the feature.
And through it all, she has remained an eloquent advocate for victims of the disease.
The sonnet has staged its own undoing and, doing so, has rendered an eloquent portrait of faith-under-pressure.
There are already some eloquent statements of the principle.
The people living more quietly didn't make themselves so eloquent.
He's articulate, but he's not eloquent and he reminds you of the difference between the two.
Less eloquent commentators voiced the thought that he was probably short in the market.
It's rare to find a scientist who's as eloquent a writer as you.
They did not say so explicitly, of course, but the omissions from their statement tonight were eloquent.
So each judge has to be eloquent, persuasive and political, and the pressure can be intense.
Here is her essay, which is in eloquent praise of the merits of travelling slowly.
Right now, my vision of him seems to be that of a particularly eloquent tortoise keeping his neck safely within his shell.
In fact he's pretty eloquent in his discussion of the topics and makes pretty clear his stance on the policy in each case.
Every nanosecond of this well-cast production is eloquent with craft and wit.
Every nanosecond of this production is eloquent with craft and wit.
Every nanosecond of this production was eloquent with craft and wit.
My colleagues were much more vainglorious and eloquent.
Gaga, by the way, is earning some raves for her eloquent remarks.
Unpredictable, eloquent, a film buff and a gourmand.
If that was an effort to dodge the question, it's an eloquent one and great way to end things.
When his eloquent speech was over, he emerged from his ordeal with a blemished reputation.
It was eloquent and beautiful and it'll live on forever in our culture, but it was all about rallying people to his cause.
Fidel now speaks with emotion and with eloquent gestures.
Shall have a voice, and give him eloquent teachings.
All the resources of eloquent flattery were exhausted in the praise of noblemen who condescended to poetry.
Virtue and pleasure are not, in fact, so nearly allied in this life as some eloquent writers have laboured to prove.
He is eloquent concerning either university, as in duty bound, since he belonged to both.
Money is more eloquent than a dozen members of parliament.
From this type of play, so eloquent of emotional disorder, there was no swing back of the pendulum.
There's an eloquent beauty around that really appeals.
The sage makes an eloquent plea in self-defense but is nonetheless found guilty and condemned to die.
He was playful, eloquent, fully restored from his afternoon lull.
Resection of brain tumors in eloquent areas involves the risk of postoperative motor deficits.
He soon gained prominence as an eloquent preacher and eventually became a professor of theology.
Colleagues were struck by his extraordinary intellect, his deep convictions, and eloquent voice.

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