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Some lizards spread elongated ribs covered in flaps of skin.
We created this elegant, elongated version of strawberry shortcake by stacking cake layers with berries and whipped cream.
As a spark starts to travel, it opens up a pathway for electricity to move through, becoming an elongated spark.
They may be nearly circular or so elongated that they take on a cigarlike appearance.
Those elongated marks would be readable from nearly any angle.
The new restaurants are supposed to be elongated statements.
Their elongated faces leave plenty of jaw room for the large, flat teeth necessary to chew their vegetarian meals.
High heels furthered the illusion of an elongated leg.
The phony has an elongated snout and eyes that are larger and duller than those on the real thing.
Chatter among the males, which have elongated snouts, isn't always friendly.
When the signs were joined in a block or elongated oval, they phonetically spelled words.
He sits in a relaxed position, forearm on knee, elongated hand dangling.
Glaciers also form elongated oval hills known as drumlins.
The hares have long lean heads, elongated ears, powerful back legs and muscular bodies.
The elongated silhouettes suggest immobility and permanence, but the nets are actually transparent and flexible.
Feet were in flat elongated ballet pumps that endorsed the season's general trend away from high heels.
It is to consist mainly of a long steel telescope tube, which may be elongated to any length desired.
His hair falls down his back in an elongated triangle.
Modern humans' stone tools and weapons usually featured elongated, standardized, finely crafted blades.
Breeders believe that long limbs are almost always accompanied by an elongated head.
The connective-tissue corpuscles of the pulp arrange themselves in rows, in such a way as to form an elongated space or sinus.
It is an elongated muscle, broader in the middle than at either end, and situated on the lateral boundary of the perineum.
It serves to support capillary vessels, arranged so as to form a net-work with elongated meshes.
It shares the same elongated, cylindrical candy bar form factor, but is slightly tapered at the top.
The action is concentrated around the elongated rear triangle, which swings between two angles to make the bike grow or shrink.
It was elongated during the spreading of the graben and evolved from a circular to an ellipsoidal form.
The hotel still uses the elongated elevator that once carried patients on stretchers.
Males often sport vibrant feathered ruffs or amazingly elongated feathers, which are known as wires or streamers.
He was also found to have an elongated skull, which is believed to be a natural physical variation.
These elongated fish are noted for their ability to climb out of water with the aid of their strong pectoral fins.
It's possible some planets are born with eccentric orbits, moving around their stars in elongated ovals.
Tilting its head down, it opens its beak and trails the elongated lower bill in the water.
Except for darker, elongated spots, king cheetahs are genetically identical to other cheetahs.
The heads are narrow and elongated, dominated by enormous eyes.
One of the great revolutions in modern science rests on the elongated backside of a grotesque, mutant worm.
The ovaries are loosely tethered to the spine by their elongated blood supply, and ligaments connect them to the uterus.
Comets are icy objects on elongated orbits that throw off a long tail of gases as they near the sun.
The cornetfish has an elongated and tapered head that can grow to one-third the length of its body.
It's an elongated cylinder of material now, getting bigger every day.
The wings of bats are made of elastic membranes that run between four elongated fingers and reach all the way down to the feet.
Interestingly, both chains have elongated craters at their ends, one on the upper left and the other at the top.
But obviously the latter part of this elongated comment ties back into the discussion.
Elongated with prominent lateral spine near posterior end.

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