elongate in a sentence

Example sentences for elongate

As the hemispheres extend backward these sinuses elongate by incorporating the more caudal loops of the plexus.
They had to play with it, shift its form, and elongate its lines in order to make it distinctly theirs.
When resilin is swollen with water, its coils can rotate freely, which allows the proteins to unwind as they elongate.
Supposedly comets were propelled into distant elongate orbits, then the orbits were circularized by stellar perturbations.
The voltage causes the droplet to elongate and form a jet that flows down to the substrate.
The small lake sits in the slightly elongate rift area where the eruption occurred.
Their eyeballs elongate, and they are prone to dislocated lenses and detached retinas.
Some rocks, such as limestone are made of minerals that are not flat or elongate.
It had an elongate skull with unusual protrusions of bone on the lower jaws beneath the eyes.
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