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Glossy, oval to elliptical leaves more add to my plant list.
And metastable isomers differ from normal atoms in having a nucleus which is football shaped or elliptical rather than round.
The head is oval or elliptical, but flattened, so that when viewed in profile it is pear-shaped.
Many of the other galaxies are denser and egg-shaped, or elliptical, and are largely filled with old stars.
Nearby, several exercisers were striding on elliptical.
Unlike spiral and elliptical galaxies, irregular galaxies lack any appearance of organized structure.
It's an elliptical way of thinking, equating cause and effect.
Elliptical galaxies may also be small, in which case they are dubbed dwarf elliptical galaxies.
Elliptical orbits do not preclude objects from being planets.
In the upper left of this photograph, faint billowing shapes can be seen in the outer regions of an elliptical galaxy.
Your exercise regimen involves an elliptical trainer.
Perhaps that was meant to be an inspirational tale for the elliptical machines.
The truth is that the elliptical galaxy in this case is only a temporary structure.
Also, their orbits are elliptical instead of nearly circular.
Then he moved on to an elliptical cross-trainer for cardiovascular exercise.
The battered disk puffed into a swirling, sparkly ball of gas and stars-an elliptical galaxy.
Lots of planet orbits are highly elliptical and tilted.
Because of the two planets' elliptical orbits, these close approaches vary in their distance each time.
Treadmills are still the leader in aerobic exercise equipment, but elliptical trainers are gaining ground, the magazine reports.
The fact that its orbit is elliptical is seen in the fact that the sun wobbles slightly.
Sixty percent of current satellites, including those in elliptical and other orbits not listed here, are used for communications.
He could use an elliptical cross-trainer when he got a little better.
The only thing that worked for me long term was exercise on an elliptical trainer.
It is a book that improves on second reading because it is so willfully elliptical at first.
Given that its orbit will be elliptical, the amount of reflected light will change with the distance from its star.
Extrasolar planets with highly elliptical orbits may perturb each other out of the star's gravitational reach.
She held an imaginary pen in her right hand, and it carved wild elliptical arcs in the air, as if she were shaking a thermometer.
He speaks in short, elliptical snatches and views life with the detached outlook of an undertaker.
But it was great to get her comments into the piece, as elliptical as they could be.
Everything is slightly elliptical-which is the way guys behave mostly.
Their orbits are almost all eccentric-elliptical rather than circular-and all of them fly extremely close to their parent stars.
The historians attempt to arrange elliptical records from a mythicized past into a plausible story.
They determined it was coming from an elliptical galaxy, which typically consists of older stars.
His widely imitated and parodied style is notable for its clipped, elliptical sentences and ominous silences.
However, the talk is infrequent and elliptical, and the film proceeds in a style that is stupefyingly drab and slow.
The two add together to give us our elliptical orbit.
From there another rocket blast switched the craft onto the tracks of a high-velocity, highly elliptical orbit.
Comets are icy bodies that follow elliptical orbits.
Neighboring retinal cells in the sunfish have their long axes--the cells are elliptical--aligned perpendicular to one another.
They look too dense and too big to be globular clusters, much too big to be stars, and too bright to be dwarf elliptical galaxies.
But if those moons wander off into some elliptical orbit, we're not chasing after them, mister.
You'd think no one has ever heard of the inverse square, not to mention the elliptical orbit.
The lower the tensile strength of the material in the surface, the lower the angle has to be before you get elliptical craters.
It's the same principle that makes satellites travel their elliptical orbits out in airless space.
These missions tend to use highly elliptical, retrograde, polar orbits to maximize time over target.
Pedal power is gaining traction as thousands of bikes and elliptical machines are retrofitted to produce electricity.
There is a pool and exercise room with a treadmill and elliptical trainer.
The hotel also has a fitness center on-site which features two treadmills, an elliptical machine and free weights.
The on-site fitness center houses cardiovascular equipment, treadmills and stationary elliptical machines.
Cruise ships commonly feature full workout facilities including treadmills, elliptical runners, free weights and weight machines.
Cardio equipment includes treadmills, a stationary bike and an elliptical machine.
Trying to select a new treadmill or elliptical trainer is almost as intimidating as trying to get in shape.
More interestingly, the elliptical deformation necessary to induce metallicity is found to be in the elastic range.

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