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The main axis of the planet's orbital ellipse shifts each time it goes round the sun.
If you were to cut a coelacanth across the middle, you'd see that it's almost an ellipse.
From that moment on, he never had any doubts about the ellipse and stated that as his first law of planetary motion.
He connected the whole landscape with the geometry of the circle and the ellipse.
The ellipse is everywhere, and essential to learning how to draw.
The necklace will then make an ellipse around the cone.
When a clause begins with as if, it must be remembered that there is an ellipse.
Every planet moves in an ellipse with the sun at one focus.
But over tens of thousands of years, the ellipse itself shifts around, so the northern summer becomes the more intense one.
Because the moon orbits along an egg-shaped ellipse, not a circle, its distance from us changes.
If the ellipse is eccentric enough, it will be close enough to a parabola to do the job.
The ellipse superimposed on this image indicates the intended landing area.
If you trace it out, it will be close to an ellipse.
The staircase, an exquisite ellipse, soars upward to a giant skylight allowing the sun to flood into the core of the townhouse.
Over time, each vector's head wanders within the ellipse.

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The ellipse is as aimless as that, Stretching invisibly into the future so as to reappear In our present. I... more
Mankind is not a circle with a single center but an ellipse with two focal points of which facts are one an... more
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