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Its heroes are vain, brave and consumed by the heady elixir of violence and the dark night of bereavement.
But it's the handful of intrinsic-and collectively unique-properties that explains why water is the elixir of life.
The search for an elixir of life has taken people to some strange places.
Of course science thrives on a powerful elixir of optimism and challenge.
Free trade so enabled is the promised elixir for the woes of developing nations.
He works at a podiatrist's clinic and one day attempts suicide by quaffing a whole bottle of a weight-loss elixir.
The evidence is conflicting, but to date it does not indicate green tea is a panacea or the elixir many believe it to be.
Their prescription is not a sugar-coated elixir but a purgative tonic.
What the enchanted elixir was to the sight of the body, language is to the sight of the imagination.
Nor is technology the instant elixir it is sometimes considered to be.
And new clear energy is definitely not the elixir it's made out to be.
Mix the right ingredients and a magic elixir forms, filling the theater with laughter, excitement and applause.
But there are places around town that treat the creamy elixir with the respect it deserves.
Then hint that there might be a shortage of the miracle elixir.
Again, spite proves a divine elixir healing all wounds.
He heralded it as an elixir for a struggling economy.
Those looking for a magic elixir to keep them healthy and happy need look no further than their bank account.

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The elixir of life, the philosopher's stone is yours if you surrender sterile logic, trivial reason.... more
The body whips the soul. In its great desire it demands the elixir In the roar of spring, transmutations.... more
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