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He had managed to scare and offend many of the elite while keeping his approval ratings high.
The elite have had a monopoly on the distribution of information .
Most of the political elite joined.
This is a young elite organization specializing in new supersonic weapons, and offering unlimited opportunities for advancement.
Many of the elite blue-collar jobs that pay top wages are held by journeymen who started as apprentices.
They were ruled by militaristic warrior-priests, part of a small, wealthy elite.
The pool of elite players has been spread thin.
We have never claimed to be good or elite.
Graduation from an elite law school is just the beginning.
The global elite are a cosmopolitan bunch, yet they are far from rootless.
My goal is to land elite players, regardless of position.
The two go together and were a present of a benevolent elite to the people.
Gone are the days when it was purely a luxury for the elite.
Not over-glorified servants to an elite that rather have no work and all play at the expense of aforementioned servants.
Every cook, be it an elite chef or an aspiring foodie, has a favorite pot.
He has since found renewed drive and harnessed technology to overcome his physical challenges and compete in elite athletics.
Brain surgery is another one of those elite hoaxes explained away by the fact that only educated people would understand.
The unexpected results in the elite subsample can be explained by considering practice.
Yes, there elite urban dwellers but they are a minority.
The complete corruption by the banker elite has completely co-opted our government, our system and our liberty.
Social and cultural momentum, and the greed of the elite, prevent necessary change.
There's an eclectic feel to this year's ranking of the style elite.
Absolute power is no longer in the hands of the light-skinned elite minority.
Cities rose from the forest floor, boasting stone temples with stuccoed and painted facades created at the behest of elite rulers.
Despite sustained efforts to confront this problem, elite colleges sometimes seem to be compounding it.
Someone from an elite college said the conversation on sustainability has focused too much on buildings.
Substantial school size and lack of elite status aren't issues for me at all.
The sport has become a favorite of elite thinkers in this country.
But especially where elite colleges are concerned, students from well-off families have a big advantage.
But elite universities are amazingly undiverse in their values, politics, and mores.
We're talking about elite units of one military training the best of the best of the other military.
None of this is to deny the existence of social stratification and elite structures here.
But the elite officers took several hours more to secure the place, moving methodically from room by room.
Elite colleges charge an arm and a leg because they can.
To be doing something, anything, at an elite level at such a ripe age is incredible.
But there are few people able to play baseball at an elite level, and many who can stack boxes.

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