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But so does the elimination of individualism, whether by law or custom.
The top robots advanced to the elimination round, and the losing robots were destroyed.
He was struck by the aversion of social scientists, in contrast, to seriously approach the problem of human elimination.
Googles one extra click will mean a steady elimination.
To reduce costs he urged elimination of high administrative expenses, unnecessary tests and services, and other inefficiencies.
They suggest that the elimination of these pace-changing opportunities may in fact be counterproductive for academic success.
Change has resulted not from emergence of variations, but from elimination of some of those variations.
With a physics department so gutted, the engineering programs' accreditation is the next likely candidates for elimination.
Any wholesale destruction of one part of the food chain will eventually mean elimination of us at the upper end.
These breakthroughs may make possible the elimination of the need for batteries of every variety.
Seriously, anything can be proved using statistical methods for the elimination of undesired data.
Evolution does not result from emergence of diversity, but from the elimination of some of that diversity.
The sign of evolution is not emergence of variations, but the elimination of variations.
Hide the decline is not simply about a deceptive elimination of some inconvenient data.
Strong productivity growth has been achieved partly through the elimination of many mid-skilled jobs.
With the prospect of an elimination of the bottleneck, the arbitrageurs quickly got to work.
He argues further that the regime called officially for the elimination of both minorities.
It also shows that the private sector has already made the adjustment towards the elimination of global imbalances.
Its elimination was little remarked, which is remarkable.
Most of it is good, but the elimination of cap gains and dividend tax is a mistake.
But first must come the elimination of the existing power structure, and the hold of all who held it dear and in place.
Actually, they aren't happy about the elimination of the other four disorders either, and they're not shy about saying so.
One, the microloan program, is targeted for elimination.
The goal prevented a tie which would have meant elimination.

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