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We'll be contacting eligible players soon.
Images previously published or pending publication are not eligible.
This is a full-time benefit eligible position including paid vacation, holiday, and sick leave.
If you can make it to the starting line, you should be eligible to compete.
Only games that have not yet been released in any country were eligible.
The main challenge, she said, is is getting eligible families to sign up.
Contestants will be eligible to win a prize each week they are signed up to the catalogue.
Not everyone will be eligible.
The top fifty highest voted members are eligible for the slot.
Books from small or large publishers released in 1997 are eligible.
To make your company eligible for consideration, please fill out the following survey.
Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.
Many, including me, have turned down engagement rings from eligible bachelors even as our biological alarm bells started sounding.
Some envious outsider made the suggestion that no one was eligible for membership who was not white enough to show blue veins.
Citizens who are legally eligible to vote-not convicted felons or newly arrived in a district-tend to fall into three groups.
About half of the eligible faculty members at the university's three campuses cast ballots in the mail election.
There is some kind of working holiday visa he's eligible for, so that's not a problem.
But do make sure you enter on the step that you are eligible for.
Therefore, anyone applying for a job at such a school must either be licensed or eligible for licensure.
It doesn't matter whether you have the support of anyone on any job market until you are eligible for it.
But people who have already modified their mortgages are still eligible, as long as they meet all of the other requirements.
Many straight people have to marry to make their spouses eligible for coverage.
When a campus uses up its allotted funds, no more students are deemed eligible.
And not everyone deemed eligible can participate, either.
Caseloads have risen as more people become eligible.
Murphy was arbitration-eligible for the second time this winter.
Please note that activity that occurred prior to you completing your profile will not be eligible for this bonus.
If enacted, mortgages eligible for the tax break would be limited by a formula reflecting the average regional price of housing.
Baker was arbitration-eligible for the final time this winter.
He was arbitration-eligible for the first time this winter.
Meek was arbitration-eligible for the first time this winter.
Coke was eligible for arbitration this winter for the first time in his career.
He was arbitration-eligible for the second time this winter.
He'll be arbitration-eligible for the final time next offseason.
Any country is eligible to send in a list of nominees for protection.
They say they have no way to know whether parents would lie to make their home schoolers eligible.
Most inmates who are eligible for early release are those who were caught with relatively small amounts of drugs.
There was a test coming up, and he needed to do well in order to be eligible to play varsity football the next year.
Being unemployed does make you eligible for a couple of additional deductions if you file an itemized return, however.
Fewer countries are poor and eligible for cheap loans.
With more students finishing high school, more are eligible to go to college.
Only then do they turn to the question of whether they might be eligible for bursaries and fee waivers.
If you are highly motivated to minimise your taxes, you can hunt for every possible deduction for which you're eligible.

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