eligibility in a sentence

Example sentences for eligibility

Verification of employment eligibility will be required at the time of hire.
Sometimes additional information is needed in order to determine eligibility.
Also, it means less difficulty in proving your eligibility and credentials to the various powers that be.
But the program is administratively complicated, involving income-eligibility caps and requiring students to reapply every year.
Government funds are limited and come with complicated eligibility requirements and a lot of confusing paperwork.
The eligibility criteria for presidential candidates are strict, ensuring that only pillars of the establishment need apply.
It spends more because of easier and earlier eligibility for pensions.
Those whispers were widely reported, actually, and they included raising the eligibility age and means-testing.
Therefore, a fifth season of eligibility is in order.
Sylvester has practice squad eligibility and will likely revert there.
So, you need to check on how to establish eligibility in your state.
Eligibility for public health insurance programs varies based on age, income, resources and/or medical requirements.
Tenant incomes are recertified annually to ensure their continued eligibility.
Each grant program has specific eligibility requirements.
If you regain eligibility during the award year, notify your financial aid administrator immediately.
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