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But no one knows whether these eleventh-hour efforts will succeed.
Scrutiny of the craft's images later led to the identification of an eleventh inner moon.
He's produced about ten television shows, so he's going for his eleventh on both counts.
There are ten books in all and an eleventh that fills in the gaps between books.
Any agreement that emerges from eleventh-hour negotiations may involve still further reductions.
Please read about the doings of the church in the eleventh to fourteenth century.
On the eleventh day, the rats were killed and examined.
We cannot afford to wait until the eleventh hour to reach an agreement.
In no way, has this been a hasty or negligent eleventh hour surprise.
The right kidney rests upon the twelfth rib, the left usually on the eleventh and twelfth.
Those of the eleventh and twelfth are pointed and free.
The manuscript probably dates from the eleventh century and is, apparently, written throughout by one and the same hand.
There it forms the eleventh story, the second in the third vol.
The irreproachableness and blamelessness of searching for bark is an eleventh.
He laments our spiritual miseries, especially his sins and sloth continued all his life now to the eleventh hour.
But lo, now tarry in my halls till it shall be the eleventh day hence or the twelfth.
The credit for these eleventh-hour precautions has, however, been disputed by the envious.
It's on our minds that tenth grade and eleventh grade count.
In eleventh grade she had become aware of her effect on boys-almost all of them.
It goes deeply into the history of military technology, from the twenty-first century all the way back to the eleventh.
Eleventh graders will connect with and respond to texts through transformational thinking.

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