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All matter, and hence all life, is ultimately linked to the elements that constitute the periodic table.
There is an aura of mystery throughout the novel, and it contains a blend of elements from many different genres.
You may notice some reorganization and some new design elements in this issue.
Overgrown with prairie grasses and striped bare by the elements the barn swallows find the accommodations comfortable.
Novels featuring prominent fantasy or supernatural elements have found an eager new audience in the literary world.
She gave him a miniature copy of the periodic table of elements.
Rocks are made from minerals, which like all matter are composed of individual chemical elements.
Modern scientists would call it a system of five elements.
If you write something that's personal, there's going to be elements of yourself in it.
Somehow, the elements all come together.
Include tall and low elements throughout the room to keep your eye moving.
Contrasting elements coexist happily in this garden.
Secure mementos or seasonal elements to backing with glue dots or tape.
Combine organic and architectural elements for streamlined elegance.
Clay plaster on two walls adds a delicate contrast to concrete and redwood elements.
Sound is one of the sensory elements found in any well-designed garden.
The designer chose a handful of dramatic pieces to stand out against quieter elements.
Collectively, they prepare all the elements for the holiday feast that can be made a day ahead.
Truth is, each step is a simple process, and the serving temperature of the elements is flexible.
Accessories in the same vibrant color family help unify the elements.
Everything in human nature and in society was reduced to its elements, and then reconstructed out of these elements.
He calls on change through the violence of the elements.
The reaction, so grand in the elements, is repeated within these small boundaries.
Now the universe is preserved, as by the changes of the elements, so by the changes of things compounded of the elements.
Furthermore, a dream is not an isolated error, but consists of many elements.
When booking a military tour make sure to review the list of included elements when weighing costs and making a decision.
The elements form spokes that correspond to the original table's columns.
The nation is a fabricated state, created during the colonial era by combining disparate elements.
Specially made touring suits provide additional protection against the elements.
Suppose you were to look all around the universe and count all the different elements.
Nitrogen is one of life's crucial elements, used by all organisms to make proteins.
Frustratingly, there are plenty of silly story elements that mar the program.
Why not roll nutrition and cooking elements into the already-mandated health curriculum.
These collaborations succeed because they combine complementary elements.
For slime molds, the best defense against the elements and their enemies is a retreat.
But for that happy moment to occur, many fundamental elements must be made right.
Let's keep the dream alive and make the unknown elements of space known to our world.
Variation is one of the basic elements that makes evolution possible.
The elements of a picture were there, he sensed, but they had not fallen into place yet.
The reason is that the ash left over when coal is burned contains radioactive elements, notably uranium and thorium.
But these elements fit together in ways which never properly repeat themselves.
Second, the core and volatile elements of inflation are not entirely independent.
Other elements might follow, but the sequencing matters.
It is only a rough guide, because its price reflects non-tradable elements-such as rent and labour.
Many of the elements for rapid economic growth are in place.
It also allows coding elements to be incorporated into designs.
Radioactive elements in coal and fly ash should not be a source of alarm.
Stainless steel remains stainless, or does not rust, because of the interaction between its alloying elements and the environment.
As elements of the integrated circuits running our computers, phones and electronics, silicon wafers are everywhere.
Hundreds of thousands of possible metal alloy combinations can be formed from a relatively small number of elements.
Disciplining your thoughts and controlling your conscious mind, are crucial elements of conquering this fear.
But the ancient universe had a major advantage: it lacked heavy elements, since stars had not yet had a chance to synthesize them.
If there are toxic elements in the formation, there are likely to be toxic elements in the produced water.
Explain that these elements help us understand more about our land and our relationships with it.
They are formed of simple molecules or individual elements arranged in repeating chains, sheets, or three-dimensional arrays.
Once you have thought about the character of the shore, look for elements you can use to reinforce the feeling you're after.
Also, these two walls are such beautiful elements in themselves that they enhance the image overall.
Introduce the concept of cultural diffusion-the spread of elements from one culture to another.
Even on a calm day, the sun emits a mighty solar wind, a stream of protons and heavy elements racing through space.
Two elements sometimes found inside gold, rhenium and osmium, help serve as a radioactive clock.
But during the solar system's birth, light elements condensed relatively far from the sun.
Heavy elements are only produced in supernovae, so all of us carry the remnants of these distant explosions within our own bodies.
The academic job letter is an odd genre that contains an uncomfortable mix of elements.
At the same time, however, their experiences reflected seemingly universal elements of the modern college presidency.
On the best campuses, the specific architectural vocabulary is often secondary-what matters is how the elements come together.
As with any industry, some rogue elements will join in the business if the going is good.
They offer concrete opportunities to manipulate elements, and often include complex simulations.
All of these elements, which are well-known, are in fact true.
Each of these elements in the ecosystem shapes one another.
All of these elements are important, and they are obviously critical pieces to acknowledge and remember.
Journal refereeing is one of the key elements of peer review.
Students who cannot discern these elements falter when the course is full of complex texts.
The course-hacking did have frustrating elements, though.
In many instances, proposals can better position their ideas by integrating service elements into them.
It's sour but not too sour, and it contains all the elements of milk partially digested.
What's compelling is to taste a wine that reflects the elements.
The elements that make it great for a fun dinner with friends or special date carry through to their events.
And he learned to transmute those elements into the restaurant's signature salmon and golden caviar pie.
In higher education, the reform story isn't so fully baked yet, but its main elements are emerging.
There is no such scientific fact, but the idea may contain elements of the truth.
As for her trainee, he was photographed with milk-white shanks exposed unkindly to the elements.
When you leave your bed and get to your desk, you'll have those elements ready to go.
He was familiar with the theory that many of the elements of clockwork were known to the ancients.
The oldest galaxies in the image glow an intense blue, indicating high concentrations of the lighter elements hydrogen and helium.
These oxidized metals have a large surface area and a strong electric charge that helps them bind up other elements in the water.
Another thing is that supernova produce some heavy elements.
Even though it sounds different, the music tamarins and people find relaxing or stressful shares some common core elements.
It's this alignment that leads to instability when magnetic-memory elements are miniaturized.
The next generation of stars formed from the debris of these supernovas and so have higher levels of heavier elements.
The system combines a search of a text transcript of the announcers' voices with a search for visual elements in the video.
Handheld x-ray guns are now used to detect what elements are in veins of rock in mines.
Custom programs and elements can also be added to each of these levels.
First there are elements in the universe that a spoonful would weight tons.
However, enzymes that break down a corn's structural elements could also result in weakened stalks.
The software has been designed to be modular, so that it's easy to swap in locally appropriate elements.
All that matters is vocabulary and a basic understanding of the elements of the language.
But so far even the fastest optical chips have incorporated electrical elements called modulators.
But they had to reconsider how users would control on-screen game elements.
Complicated though this question is, some elements of its solution are clear enough.
It is understood that this invented narrative will turn on certain familiar elements.
One answer has been to transfer the formal elements of variation and natural selection to other aspects of human activity.
Farmers everywhere must work diligently to maintain their walls in landscapes ravaged constantly by the elements.
We were received into the elements of the eternal pearl as water takes light to itself, with no change in its substance.
New elements can be introduced and pieces of what has become an overly familiar-and faulty-puzzle reshuffled.
As the crackdown hammers on, elements of the protest movement itself are becoming increasingly militarized.
It also aptly calls up the conflicting elements at work in his films: the effervescent and the feverish.
He wanted respect for the laws of gravity, the physical properties of the basic elements.
But there were elements that would give anyone pause.
To speed up the action and optimize the effects of the marine oligo-elements and minerals, a cold algae mask is applied on top.
In a great editor's hands, all these elements are merely the marble from which a masterpiece must be uncovered.
Then the helium will begin to fuse into medium-weight elements.
In this conception were elements of evil and elements of good.
But the launch revealed that the site will be much more than that, though it does appear to include some gaming elements.
It is a great vehicle for spice and smokey elements.
These loose ends become more serious when the dropped elements have been focal points of the show.
Without question, there are certain elements that exist in inverse proportion to each other.
Yelpers are using the site's social elements to find and date their fellow reviewers.
Thus, all our strength and success in the work of our hands depend on our borrowing the aid of the elements.
Even so, there were elements of trying to have it both ways.
Fat cells are efficient factories for producing key inflammatory elements, and burning calories shrinks those cells.
Home prices will not get better until the elements that made housing prices perform so well for almost ten years return.
Elements can generally be described as either metals or nonmetals.
Where heavy elements are synthesized, and first-time chemistry of the heaviest elements is explored.

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