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In every direction the dominant feature of the landscape, the element that binds everything together, is water.
The unit of selection is a gene, the basic element of heredity.
Astronauts were never the critical element in putting those instruments in place.
But a lovely element of chance comes into play when you do what comes naturally.
This element forms the basis for the magnets used in the turbines.
In its endless metamorphoses, the element carbon has always excited wonder.
There is an element of both nature and nurture in explaining the evil actions of individuals.
Maps constitute a critical element of geography education.
Before sending them off, a medicine man blessed them with yellow pollen, a holy element that fosters connection with the creator.
Usually there's an element of luck/opportunity involved.
Each isotope of an element differs in the number of neutrons in its nucleus, .
Now, the clear divisive element in this story is the possibility of exploitation.
Five months later, she identified a second element, which the world came to know as.
Curie was now unable to afford the element she had discovered.
Retirees add an important element to a city's culture.
Colour is an added element of design that needs such careful consideration in a composition.
Key brain element either never grew, during earliest childhood, or atrophied.
The new physicality brought an unexpected element into the act: precision.
Choosing a field and a topic also involves a strategic element.
It is a plurality of different things that do not share any one element but nevertheless bear a resemblance to one another.
There is a distinct element of an argumentative nature and overwhelming concern with definitions within philosophy.
The desire for simplicity, on the other hand, has in it an element of weakness and disillusionment.
His chief contribution in this field was the development of the didactic and philosophic element.
In essence, imaginative literature may have a constant element within its various manifestations.
What primarily distinguishes poetry from prose is this element of definite rhythm.
The sectional element has happily been eliminated from the tariff discussion.
It is energy-the central element of which is will-that produces the miracles of enthusiasm in all ages.
Try adjusting the shutter speed to bring out the essence of an element.
Visiting a world famous icon always carries high expectations, while true travel always offers an extra element of surprise.
She found something saintly and crazed in his undertaking, an element of self-denial, an element of penance.
The element of time does not really enter in a first contact with a painting.
The other new element-at odds, it seems, with such solicitude-is achievement pressure.
Blueberries are right in their season now and right in their element, cradled in meringue shells which you can buy at the bakers.
But hydrogen is difficult to store because it is the lightest element.
It signals a change in what has, until now, been a key element of scientific endeavour.
There is thus a cyclical element to volatility, as investors move from complacency to alarm.
Although not that well known, it also has a good business school with a strong undergraduate element.
But the third element-renovating the governance of the euro-is still highly uncertain.
There is an obvious element of special pleading in such calculations.
Many sensed an element of paternalism in the pokies proposal-posh people, after all, do their betting at the races.
It weights each element according to the average importance given to it by students surveyed over the past five years.
The sheer size of the fine had an element of grandstanding about it.
Efficiency savings are the one element of the last round of consolidation that did arrive as promised.
From the start, the red shirts have had a thuggish element.
Yet there is an element of the madhouse in that explanation too.
Monitoring by an independent and authoritative body, which is needed to keep governments honest, is the third element.
Uncomplainingly, she nestled in their arms before she was lowered to her element again.
Government interventions to shore up the housing market add an extra element of unpredictability.
Forced to focus on a single thing the mind rebels, whereas adding another element somehow focuses it.
As an element of political culture, the campaign poster has taken a long road to its present form.
True, the element of mutual conflict in life is often grossly overstated and the element of mutual help suppressed.
But that, too, is a kind of experimental element that violates the whole question of what's being represented in the play.
But in the longing for freedom there was a second element which still wanted outlet, the impulse to action.
The first element to avoiding your blade is keeping it in your hand.
However, courage is an element that this novel lacks.
It's basically an air blower tucked behind a heating element.
There's a big event element too, so you get to incorporate disaster movies, there's even an action movie element to it.
Last year they augmented the display with a well received interactive element.
Actually, there's one more important element of this domestic violence spike: it only happens after an unexpected loss.
Sharp and his colleagues studied what happened to two isotopes of the element chlorine during that process.
He seemed to be in his element, cracking lots of jokes.
The port is capable of handling all types of commodities and includes comprehensive solutions for every element of goods handling.
We have been noticing the emergence of radical element.
The lure of gold can be electric to some people, even though the element is chemically inert-on the large scale.
In some parts of the country, oil products are used as the power element for electrical generation stations.
For a time people speculated that the coronal emissions were due to coronium, a potential new element found only in the sun.
There appears to be a brain-to-behavior element to the study also.
The social norms have an element of unfairness in any society.
Aluminum alloys do not form easily by natural processes, because the element reacts with oxygen so readily.
Typically, heating occurs over an open gas flame, releasing the potent neurotoxic element into the atmosphere.
And the common element of all of these is that these chemicals are the profitable products of chemical companies.
The macro element was the resonator, but the quantum effect was the vibration, which was at the subatomic level.
Moreover, the fact that such illnesses tend to run in families, indicates that there is likely to be a genetic element.
Even my written pieces, there's a cartoonish element to them.
There's a joking element to his bleak description of his state of mind, but he's being serious as well.
If there's any cautionary element, that would be it.
His first thoughts were the car company, or the planet, or the element.
Tiny phase-change wires could serve as a key element in next-generation memory.
The central element is a so-called quantum dot, which allows electrons to flow one by one.
The anode contains, in addition to nickel oxide, a small amount of the rare element scandium.
There is therefore an element of the wild goose chase to all the band's music.
There is an element of truth in this interpretation but it is far too one-sided.
And our imperfect understanding introduces an element of uncertainty that's not there in natural phenomena.
The other element missing from her version is the layering of events.
Each element had gold on one side and silicon on the other.
The acquisition of a new biological role would then create a lineage-specific element.
Chance seemed to be an ineluctable element of the quantum world.
The problem turned out to be the scientists' choice of a transposable element, or transposon.
It's so easy to have a microscopic element on a motherboard that allows people to get in without authorization.
Knowing the atomic number already tells you a lot about the nature of the element.
Much of a cochlear implant is made of platinum, a dense element that plays havoc with scans.
Some element of the process may be random, but to see repeated outbreaks that span the globe requires some investigation.
The explanatory element is crystal clear without skimping on detail.
Art has a context, and when viewing and judging it, you can't ignore that element.
The medical world is constantly working to improve safety and effectiveness in every element of treatment of prevention.
With time zones the times are predictable, even if there is the element of arbitrary fiat.
If there was any random element in the early universe, anthropic considerations are needed.
He didn't provide any element to corroborate his speculation.
On the second row, the third element from the right, there's a high green with light red and blue.
Another element that record people talk about is album art and inserts.
Arrow-shaped headlights serve as the distinctive design element.
If you consider yourself a foodie, then you'll be in your element.
Party officials working on one element of the program, the nighttime fireworks display, had a particular request of the designers.
The housing element is one of the seven mandated elements of the local general plan.

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