elegy in a sentence

Example sentences for elegy

It's an elegy to the loss of individuality.
His elegy on Oakes reaches a length of over four hundred lines.
Murray's smart novel, set in a Dublin boys' school, is an elegy to lost youth.
Their dancing was both celebration and elegy.
In the last few days, he has been composing an elegy about the Haiti earthquake.
After much on this, he returns to the kinds-examining and dismissing objections to pastoral, elegy and what not.
The first major book on energy economics was an elegy to energy our friend.
And yet there is a liveliness to her poem-part elegy, part war memorial-that prevents it from becoming so.
At the same time the story ends up being this elegy for this city that has been destroyed.
The book and exhibition make an elegy for the little hut, a respectful acknowledgment of its service in times of need.

Famous quotes containing the word elegy

a word is elegy to what it signifies.... more
Almost any noble verse may be read, either as his elegy or eulogy, or be made the text of an oration on him... more
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