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Example sentences for elegiac

There should be friends and a soundtrack that is elegiac without being sad.
There is an elegiac note in the final point of my list.
In an elegiac final chapter the authors list the achievements of the city's writers and scientists.
Monte lengthens her antic choreographic phrases to create lyrical or even elegiac effects.
On the other hand, this elegiac view leaves out all the good things that go along with baseball.
There is an elegiac tone at the end of these memoirs.
Elegiac fiction about the moral treachery of memory.
The last words of the famous tend often to be suspiciously witty, elegiac or pithy.
Elegiac essays on aging and the embattlement of wild, unspoiled places.
As such, it could have taken an elegiac form, and sometimes it does.
It received that sort of a performance, full of elegiac and wry details, from new and familiar cast members.
Scarcely one of any eminence closed his mortal career without drawing forth a profusion of elegiac strains.
The term cherry phosphate has a lovely, faded, elegiac ring to it.
If it's home, elegiac competes with angry for emotional first place.
He knows his time is past, but there's nothing elegiac in that awareness.
The later poems inevitably have an elegiac and introspective mood.
Its normal emphasis on site-specific work thus has taken on an added elegiac quality.
Yet surveying what remains of it left me with an almost elegiac feeling.

Famous quotes containing the word elegiac

Beauty is lyrical. Ugliness is elegiac.... more
In middle life each man wrote a long elegiac work centering on the death of someone very near his heart: Te... more
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