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The crisp, clean large format portraits are elegantly shot using one light source and a gray backdrop.
All were elegantly slender, despite the rich food and drink they were putting away.
It elegantly maximizes storage space, but it can also complicate data recovery when a computer crashes.
All the time, he really recognizes his responsibilities and he carries himself so elegantly.
Beside him is his inscription, elegantly carved in raised relief, enjoining upon his descendants the regular duty of bringing.
At this eatery, choose from elegantly prepared foods and a large selection of wines to take away.
If he is not so well remembered now, tonight's elegantly produced two-hour tribute may be a corrective.
And she's wearing a white-diamond engagement ring on her elegantly manicured right hand.
Décor features elegantly appointed fixtures and furnishings.
Tails are never required, but won't be out of place for those who enjoy dressing elegantly for special occasions.
All of the hotel's spacious and elegantly decorated rooms open to reveal sweeping ocean views.
Rooms and suites are elegantly decorated with marble bathroom surfaces and high-end furnishings.
The quiet, cozy hotel features elegantly-furnished guest rooms and suites with whirlpool tubs, fireplaces and deluxe bedding.
Bright guest rooms range from singles to triples and are all elegantly furnished.
The rooms are decorated elegantly with mahogany furniture and aluminum accessories.
The rooms are elegantly decorated with rich colors, and many rooms feature beachfront or pool views.
The kitchen staff provides elegantly prepared and generous servings.
Standard rooms are on the small side, but elegantly furnished, as are the spacious suites.
Rooms are elegantly decorated with bold red and mustard yellow accents.
He spent his life packaging that magic into elegantly designed, easy to use products.
Others felt that a universe so elegantly designed as ours plainly must have a designer.
Today's latest models, in contrast, are elegantly shaped pocket computers.
It was better to backtrack, every move elegantly reversed, than to climb in a clumsy or scrappy way.
The packer is taciturn, but an elegantly thrown hitch or a well-shod hoof will warm his heart.
Each of the four actors elegantly inhabited an array of characters, with few exceptions.
With its onset access to efficiently organised and stored information and easy retrieval has become elegantly simple.
They fit together elegantly, and they cooperate to get this vital job done.
Landings hardly matter when you're submerged and the ability to pull them off elegantly only evolved later.
If you want to understand nature in the elegantly unified way, you must commit to putting in some sustained and sincere effort.
The main body of the paper is tightly and elegantly written.
Physical theory is elegantly, fundamentally derived from mirror symmetries.
He elegantly harmonizes aggressive works, each of which plainly would prefer to be the only one in the room.
Students loitered in groups in the main courtyard, bulky scarves wound elegantly around their necks.
The final performance is beautiful, moving and elegantly filmed.
The result is an elegantly curved flight path, created as the airplane lifts itself through the changes in direction.
The royal family lives elegantly but not ostentatiously.
Their bodies are elegantly crafted and minutely sculpted with dimples and ridges.
The only difference is that the skater does so decidedly more elegantly.
The result is an elegantly written, meticulously researched book that is empathetic and enlightening, scholarly and useful.
His innovation has been hailed as an elegantly simple and cheap solution to a devastating problem.

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I am looking over Self Control again, & my opinion is confirmed of its being an excellently-meant, elegantlymore
It was not exactly a hairdresser's; that is to say, people of a coarse and vulgar turn of mind might have called it a ba... more
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