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The secret: a beautiful and elegant form of crystal engineering.
He isn't handsome but he is rich enough to have an elegant car and a big diamond ring.
This brief book is elegant and surprising.
This is an elegant, disturbing and thought-provoking novel.
Evolution is an elegant theory.
The cobblestone streets, elegant quarry-stone buildings and flowered plazas invite travelers to share in their history.
He was considered both eccentric and elegant.
You are a very elegant writer (certainly better than me) and obviously intelligent.
Pierre wears elegant suits to news conferences and speaks in gentle tones.
This is, quite simply, a beautiful and elegant book.
The estate is enclosed by an elegant wooden fence.
Even in the most elegant venue, that soft holiday reindeer sweater will work as well as a sport jacket.
So far, there's some stellar lindy hop and elegant ballet.
Consultants who fail to do that often recommend strategies that sound elegant on paper but fall flat in practice.
They understand because they have seen how all the parts contribute to a good, if not elegant, scientific study.
We deliver an elegant lecture and dwell on an ill-considered response to a friendly question.
The time had come to break with the smooth, dry, elegant style.
Companionship and elegant comforts provided the relief that was still needed to his recurring depressions.
Some of these alterations are only the ejection of a word for one that appeared to him more elegant or more intelligible.
In addition to being elegant, symmetry is useful in constraining the number of competing models.
If so, take heart, because mathematicians have recently proved a more elegant solution.
These elegant tangles of fluorescent actin bundles won the popular vote for the best microscopic photo of the year.
Her simple, elegant experiments became a staple in ecology courses, and her papers garnered hundreds of citations.
Concepts, after all, are meant to be design studies that are either outlandish or breathtakingly elegant.
The city's tree-lined streets, award-winning museums and elegant government buildings make it an ideal place for tourists.
The d├ęcor and atmosphere is elegant and comfortable.
It is easy to picture yourself arriving by elegant carriage or an early automobile.
Luckily, museum dining has evolved from basic cafeteria set-ups to restaurants and bars that range from casual to elegant.
Their elegant, twisting shapes make them look intriguingly plantlike.
These elegant micro-molluscs are a vital food for some fish.
Although elegant in theory, a price-level target has some serious practical drawbacks.
The boom has caught some firms with their elegant trousers down.
It was not the first digital-music player, but it was simple and elegant, and carried digital music into the mainstream.
They denied they were in a rut, but even if they were it was one of elegant and enviable proportions.
In science, observation always trumps theory, no matter how elegant the theory might be.
He designs and then delegates, and crafts the elegant theories that help sell his works for record prices.
Even now they are not safe, for despite their elegant history and their acrobatic grace, they are flawed creatures.
Imagine sliding down the family's elegant curved staircase.
The old city was a maze of twisting streets with elegant homes hidden behind high windowless walls.
These days we've got an elegant new museum in the park and a tree-lined boulevard where an ugly freeway offramp used to be.
Back then, it was an elegant-even over-the-top-shopping hall for the townsfolk who'd come here to buy their produce.
And so a small crowd gathered in an elegant back room chamber at the museum.
Elegant idea, but there actually are a few reasons why optimized mirrors work better in this application.
Superb and richly concise article on the elegant absurdity of dueling over the centuries.
Creative outdoor showers, from simple kits to elegant personal waterfalls.
For an elegant touch, dip the edges in melted dark chocolate.
The result is a bathroom that's both elegant and rustic.
For a simple but elegant holiday decoration, trim a trellis or two with evergreens and twinkling lights.
The sauce, reminiscent of deviled eggs, makes an elegant accompaniment for asparagus.
With a stylish green-and-gold palette, this composed salad is an elegant alternative.
Evergreen huckleberry is an elegant, much-branched, evergreen shrub with attractive leaves.
Cranes engage in courtship rituals so elegant that scientists call them dances.
The house is awash in elegant country style, lived in and loved, with plenty of antiques.
In a series of elegant and rigorous mouse experiments, they found none.
It is one and all elegant mathematics that has no empirical correspondence.
The products he oversaw were simple, elegant, and genuinely novel.
Elegant and deliciously buttery, these golden fantails are an obvious choice for entertaining.
He leaned with his left hand against a doorway, his elegant watch glinting in the sun.
Keith has investigated one elegant solution: put it back underground, where much of it originated as oil.
She felt old and bloated, though everyone else thought she looked more elegant than ever.
They make creating elegant treats surprisingly simple.
It's an elegant example of how mobile phones are being used in the developing world in incredibly innovative ways.
Spoon onto paper-thin ham slices for an elegant lunch or first course.
Their structures certainly didn't look as elegant as the neat frames designed by the engineers.
There is an elegant sense of proportion in this remix.
His elegant, spidery hands are always in the air, talking.
The result, six months in, has a whiff of theme-park elegant.
It was an odd combination of elegant old wooden buildings and new three-story reinforced-concrete buildings.
Two fireplaces were lit and an elegant dachshund padded about underfoot.
She hated him, but served an elegant dinner and borrowed many items to fix up the house.
Over the last decade, his restraint has become more elegant, his reservoir of feeling more profound.
On an extremely cold day, one of them burst, flooding his apartment and the elegant lobby below.
The grand ballroom was a sea of formal evening wear: white ties, tails, and elegant gowns.
Her cube is an elegant and subtle solution to a problem that has stumped many of her colleagues.
Luckily it's a nicely elegant piece of work, basically quantifying what we've already probably known qualitatively.
It's got absolutely everything and is written in a beautifully concise and elegant way.
Chemists have discovered that in vapor form, water molecules can arrange themselves into elegant cages.
Most of the names chosen were pretty elegant--and well suited to the nature of each planet.
But until one achieves that level of mastery, the formulae encountered are mathematically elegant and simple.
It's not likely that you'll picture elegant seaside resorts.
Lunch was served in her elegant sitting room, which opens onto an inviting pool.
Rove's house is done in soft silks and elegant colors, seafoam and other pale-green shades.
But even as these dinners became less stiff, they became more elegant.
Elegant inns with long, shaded verandas appeared all along the shoreline.
The fussy bows gradually disappeared, the teeth were straightened, the hair was made more elegant.
Her dress is to the knee, revealing her legs in their elegant white stockings.
Perhaps every season brings dozens of showy new cookbooks filled with shiny pictures of elegant dishes.
They are relatively tall and stand on bases with sinuous, elegant moldings that look as if they had been turned on a lathe.
We are left with a narrative that is elegant, revealing, and urgent.
If so, he is not alone in his taste for general, elegant explanations.
Coffee mugs are intended to be useful as well as elegant, so that people who own them become personally attached to them.
It should not be dismissed as an elegant fairy tale.
Few people have made such a powerful and elegant imprint on our lives.
To enable the effective, efficient and elegant delivery of government services through trusted partnerships and technology.

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